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Make up your own market prices here!


Apple 1.50

Banana 7.00

Pear 1.20

Orange 0.80

Minerals per pound

Diamond 1000.00

Emerald 200.00

Sapphire 500.00

Ruby 540.00

Other Foods and ingrediants

Fresh water 15.00 a gallon

Rice per pound 0.70

Bread 14.00

Sugar 1 ounce 5.00

Butter 1 ounce 1.00


Pistol 470.00

Knife 7.00

Gun powder per pound 20.00

Dynomite sticks 70.00

You are starving and discover 16.00 in your pocket. You wander into the local market and come across some other fine deals. You are also quite thirsty. You live by a forest with deer, rabbits, and other animals. What do you buy? Also, you are not allowed to sell things because you’ve sold false items.

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[post deleted]

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Gun powder per pound 20.00

What am I buying gun powder for?

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You buy the knife and kill a man, with the money in his wallet you buy some fruits and water. Making a trap out of materials available in the woods and with the fruit you trap some rabbitz. You sell them. Let’s say from this you get oh….500 dollars and buy a pistol and plenty of ammo. Rob sum storez.

there isn’t really a goal here so…wtf

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I steal a pistol.

oh wait

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If bananas were $7 a lbs, something would be wrong. typically around $0.59 a lbs. I know it’s just a game, hence “diamonds= $1,000 per pound”. That’d be cool though. I’d buy a 1 pound diamond

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What is the point exactly?

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Use all the money to buy oranges.

Only oranges.

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$15 for a gallon of water?

Talk about rip off.

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How much for a hotdog?

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It would be over 14.00.

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Buy 2/1000 pounds of diamond. Buy two knives. Using your awesome diamond coating skills, you now have two lethal weapons. Proceed to go samurai, kill the guards, and take money from people. Proceed to buy a pistol and hold everyone up for ransom. Buy an apple, and eat it. You can’t get money on an empty stomach.

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Why was my other post deleted?

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what a pointless thread

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in a rather pointless forum.

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in a rather pointless world.

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in a rather pointless solar system

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“It’s time that our planet has entered the solar system”

the famous words of George W. Bush