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During some searching some guys managed to find a site where you can convert stuff into chinese which is usable in the chat.
If you have read the guidelines it states only use the language designated for each room, so we’re not liable to what will happen if you us it for other reasons than to be able to put your text into the chatbox!

This Also will work for some other languages like Russian and Greek, but I havn’t tested it yet as I can’t type it.
All you do is plonk in the text you want converted and wait a sec and it should be ready to cut and paste :D

Credit goes to Chyoei? Will check on who found this site!
This site is also not guaranteed by us to work so :D
So make sure you only use it for rooms designated for the language.
Also you need to be able to type chinese or another of the languages stated on the site (or tanslate it somewhere) to beable to use it… there’s no point in complaining to me if you don’t know pinyin ^^