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Ok i really like Nickelback and there new album came out a couple a days ago and i just wanted to see wut other people thought about it

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Nickelback has always been great at making ballads but I’ve always thought they really hit the mark whenever they went back to the roots of hard rock and just made a song about sex and drugs.

Animals and Figured You Out are two examples off the top of my head that Nickelback really seem to shine on.

Anyway, this time around I didn’t really like their ballads or the single ‘Gotta Be Somebody’. I think the best song on the album is Something In Your Mouth. S.E.X. and Next Go Round were also good if I remember correctly.

Overall I think they could’ve done better but Something In Your Mouth is good enough for a few years since I don’t really follow Nickelback.

You should get Eminem’s new album Relapse when it releases in Q1 of ‘09. I can’t fucking wait for it.

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I know Eminem is awesome
yah some of there songs need work, but wut band doesn’t have songs that need work?
(well in my mind i could name a few, but thats my opinion and i dont feel like its necessary to have people come and thrash it because they feel differently)

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Breaking Benjamin’s new album comes out next spring and a single should be out this winter.

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i like them 2 lol
r u looking at my posts? lol

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A new Nickelback album?