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HD youtube embed test IT WORKS - make vista games explorer faster

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Works on XP as well
When I was clicking around i saw this and started to check it out in some more then I started to uploaded it.
And then me the master of going as far away from what I was doing as possible, looked and saw that no-one had embbed a 720p video (apart from youtube itself) yet. So I decided to find out. Unfortunally as far as I could find no-one knew and no-one cared. But I did care and treked on to go to places where no-man has gone before as I entered the twilight zone… do dee do do, do dee do do.
Anyway I worked it out by viewing some source code and editing some embed code then I did it.
And I also added the friday the 13th trailer in HD at the bottom if you full screen it.

Here’s the link to the blog post I made, It should take some time to load –

Any comments could be posted here