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So I got a 16/25 (64%) on a poem in english page 2

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Mildly amusing, although I would tend to sympathize with Zam on such matters.

Originally posted by SpearDudezor:

Welcome to the American system of education. You either do things just as you are told (which is what being “creative” means there) or you go to a mental hospital as a potential terrorist. If you don’t live in US/Canada, don’t worry! The reach of this system is not limited to those countries.

Hilarious poem, by the way.

Ironically, many a parent overemphasize individuality and originality in America.
Which makes their kids suck at life.

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So basically, Zam is buttraged because his teacher didnt like his shitty poem.

Maybe its because sonnets are for nerds

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I think you got around the score you deserved.

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I’ve never watched Breaking Bad and depends on how I look at this poem it’s either complete shit or pure genius.

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I think she didn’t make the simple jump from Coco Cola to the real subject.
Could it be possible she saw that it was talking about drugs and found that to be distasteful, therefore graded you lower?