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Oh no I lost my posts! (locked)

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(It’s true, I did; but I bet no one has been noticing I’ve been at ~5030 for awhile)

For those of you who are hurt over the deflation of your..uh.. e-peen? some of you all would say…dozens of locked threads have been cleaned out. Browse through the first 30 pages of OT and you’ll note the minimal amount of closed garbage. This comment is in response to the post-loss-complaint-thread that has just disappeared.

Those who lost the most posts are the ones who; obviously; actively posted in those threads (not just some stickmen thread as someone has claimed; I don’t recall that thread). Look at Kingzak’s post count and you can tell, since I believe he was most affected. I lost some myself, mostly from posting warnings (eg ‘stop bumping these threads’) in those locked threads; just not hundreds like some spammers. I knew complaints would pop up, just didn’t know how fast or by whom, but it happened.

In the future, do not create ‘why did I lose posts?’ threads. It is tiring to see every time cleanup occurs and is the result of your own posting. If you see a thread being spammed, a thread about someone who’s banned, one posted by someone who is currently banned, etc etc…don’t post in them if you will be hurt by the post loss. I know its easy ‘post harvesting’ because you can post any spammy response without thinking, or can easily post a ‘thread fails’ response; but if you think a thread is destined to be locked, it is also likely destined to be deleted.

Either way, when it happens: don’t complain about it publicly. It only contributes more to the idea that post counts are everything and presses the opinion that they should be hidden.