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Scenario: You have control of the TV, what do? page 2

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Watch TV.

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Originally posted by Casper_D:

Make Discovery Channel stop showing gay reality drama shows 97% of the time

This and do the same thing to Animal Planet.

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Originally posted by Poniesaremagic:

You can cancel a tv show, change the tim to air a of a tv show, and get lots of money.

Me: Cancel Dora The Explorer forever.

Fuck you! That was my favorite show.

For me I guess I would remove the shit that has taken over nick now a days like Icarly can go in the trash and so can the entire disney channel.

Bring back the three stooges!!!

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Delete the entire Disney Channel
Make them stop showing shows on Discovery about haunted where the person is just flying up in the air

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Originally posted by Snap902:
Originally posted by FullMeasureZam:
Originally posted by African_American:

terminate MLP:FiM

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Get lots of money? Sounds swell, I’ll take it.