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Is there any character that can kill Fawkes in a 1v1? page 2

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Originally posted by Cizinec:

The main character can easily beat Fawkes. Most glitched followers could, too, assuming you geared them up and gave Fawkes nothing.

Fawkes get a Gatling laser, and can survive situations other follower’s can’t. Even Charon, with his awesome shotgun, and the best armor in the game, can’t go through what Fawkes can go through. He has no need of armor, and he’s got infinite ammo on one of the most powerful weapons in the game. You might be able to kill him, but no NPC can.

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You can force Fawkes to use the sledgehammer.

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He’d still probably destroy them, unless you get him stuck somewhere.

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um, what game or story is this from, anyways?

[ducks behind dumbledore’s desk to avoid the randomly offended, clearly unrelated, fawkes the phoenix]

In the meantime, I say The Doctor could easily beat him. Or Kirk. Maybe Picard or Janeway while i’m at it.
Kirk and The Doctor just have the best chance of doing it without the aid of a spaceship.

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If 2 glitched out Feral Ghoul Reavers counts as “a character”, I have seen it almost happen. I watched two lay into him for what must have been 5 minutes straight+, while I pumped all my ammo into them and chipped away at their health. He was down to like 2 bars when they finally died. It was awesome.