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Should I use Linux?

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So the thought just aroused in my head. I’ve been using a trial version of windows for a few years now. Its a trial version of XP, every 30 days I type in a code into the command prompt and it renews the 30 days. I can do this a maximum of 4 times. So every season I have to backup everything onto my 2nd harddrive and format the 1st one, reinstalling the trial version.

I firmly believe that buying a copy of XP is a waste of money. I should just upgrade to another version of windows, especially with support for XP going down the drain. But my system can barely handle XP right now, so I wouldn’t upgrade until i bought a new computer anyway.

But what about linux? Its free, no renewing, its perfect!
I have some concerns though…. What programs would be impossible to run on linux? I absolutely have to have access to Adobe flash to make my games. I also greatly enjoy playing the games I buy on steam and from what my friend has told me, you have to use WINE in order to play any windows games, its a lot of work to setup some games to do this, and some simply will not play on linux. I love playing games, so that may be a deal breaker.

But linux is faster. A lot faster.

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Thinking of setting this up tonight. I guess I should just back everything up on my second harddrive, put linux on a disc, format my first harddrive and then install linux? Ubuntu was exactly what I was aiming to use!
Theres really no huge list of limitations??

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If your computer can hardly run XP you should look into getting some better hardware before getting Linux if you wanna be a gamer.

Sure Linux is fast, but getting less intensive software is more temporary than upgrading outdated hardware.

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@ Zoronii I know. Getting new hardware is in the cards, but not in the cards… yet.

@Quintrigmeth and everything works fine on Ubuntu as well? Sounds great.