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Livid Jedi Goes To OT City

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Livid Jedi was a police officer in Chatland. One day, he got transferred to OT city after famous cop, Chunka Dunkus went missing. He got to the city and looked at where he was last seen. A note said “ON YOUR KNEES LOSER :)” He took this evidence with him. He soon realized that he needed to be on the roof of the Your Knees Bar. He went there. There was a person there who said “SMELLY BUTTFARTS” and Livid shot him for being crazy. Livid went to the crazy man’s house and opened up the door. A skeleton popped out. It was Chunka Dunkus. He went to report his findings to his boss, Zee Shadow. Zee said “nobody liked Chunka Dunkus so I’m not doing anything.”

The End?

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I’m clenched in anticipation for part 2.

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fuck chunka dunkus