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Middleton: Chapter one

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here is a short story which i made earlier:

I am a wonderer, travelling place to place, trying to a job, ive been to many towns, but the one i remember most dearly is Middleton, here is my story.

DAY 1: I have been Wondering through the woods for hours, and i was dying of thirst and hunger, as i fell down against a tree, i closed my eyes, i thought i was left for dead, but after only a few minutes, three figures came to up me, my eyes were to blurry to see that, they looked like people, then there they started talking, i closed my eyes again, when i woke up, i was in a bed, were was I, what happened?

Suddenly, a girl came in, she was around 16 or 17, she started speaking in some language, i just shook my head and closed my eyes, and went to sleep ,thinking this was a dream, if only…

When i woke up again, a person appeared, he looked familiar, i think he was one of the people that saved me, he then started speaking English, he said something about staying a few days, then leaving, as fast as you can, i didnt know what it meant… at the time.

I wanted to repay them for giving me food and water, so i helped around the town, all the people kept telling me the same thing over and over again, leave as quickly as possible.

I didnt know what it meant, they wouldn’t tell me, every night i hear a strange sound, a wolf like sound, but more horrifying, all the people look upset and afraid everytime the sound comes, i dont know what it means, and i thought i never would. The noise/sound happens any time, night or day, What was it? What could it be?