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I figured out how!

I don’t really think that, it’s just a good one.

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Originally posted by buster991:
Originally posted by mariosuperlative:
Originally posted by Mattstephen6:
Originally posted by evilgenius100:

you win the thread evil

Don’t diss Panda_Man! Sniff. Okay, I admit it, that was pretty darn funny.

Anyhow, I’ve finally got a button that lets me “quote post”! I can do pyramids now. :)

The picture is true.

Wow I actually thought it said nice thread at first. XD
Anyway I think this is a great idea. I would help but im far too lazy. :)

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I should use that Homer picture for every epic fail thread I see :) It’s brilliant. Same goes for evilgenius’ good ol’ picture. We need to post something that’s actually constructive, I suppose…

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Yes. Just continue this thread and I can leave peacefully.

Edit: I mean the Kongo. Finish it!!!