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OT restaurant. Make items and employ employers to work!

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I start. Also, show the nutrition facts and if it is spicy and how spicy.

Huge Rib Basket – A lot of ribs in a big basket. What else could we put it in?
2 lb. 2300 calories. For most people, I do reccommend taking some in a to-go box. Not recommended to eat them all in one day. – not spicy, $49.99.

Light Spicy Buffalo Wings – Spicy. – 240 cal. $4.99

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Lel this has already been done. Also, your meal needs some chipolte.

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I will set fire to your restaurant! Just kidding, I already did.

Watch it burn. BUUUURNNNN.

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No roleplay allowed in OT.

It’s too late, the Moderator Mainland Defence Force is already flying in to shut down this topic and to shut you up.

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I say that I should sue this place for all it’s worth on some false premise!

All of your money is now mine!

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Flips hamburgers. Sautés onion fries. Marinates chicken wings.

Who ordered the burger, wing, and fries combo?

Inb4lock :D