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The year is 2011. The United States Congress passed a new program called Engitech Systems. It was supposed to be designed to track registered criminals, sex offenders, and the like. Five years later they passed a sixty-five billion dollar increase to their spending. They upgraded their systems and produced a line of new advanced tracking systems. Namely, one called Nitroware, was the most idealistic. It called for every person in the country to be outfitted with a tracking device for “safety”.

The head of the company, Saul Aarons introduced Nitroware to Congress. They deliberated for days and days and finally they passed a simple bill stating that all people fourteen and over were to have a Nitroware tracking system installed in their cerebellum.

At first, everything was fine. People went on with their daily lives; work, play, eating, etc. After a while the devices started to malfunction and would detonate inside the person’s body. A total of sixty-million people died in the first five months of Nitroware’s production.

Engitech closed down for eight years. They went back to the drawing board and developed a new system that wouldn’t detonate or malfunction at all. You didn’t need to replace it or fix it, it was invincible. About the time Congress repassed the bill for the new tracking devices, the CIA became aware of a situation involving the current president. Three months later he was impeached. The Vice President was then inaugarated into office.

On the surface, Nigel Warren III looked like a normal country loving president. However, behind the scenes he had forcefully ordered Saul Aarons to install a sort of software update to the tracking systems. The software was ordered to be progammed so that sublymonal messages could be transfered into the brain.

With this, a “zombie” army was at Nigel’s control. People expected a violent revolution, but there was none. Instead, german computer nerds and hackers smuggled themselves across the narrow gap between Russian and Alaska. They would hide out in old storage facilities and kidnap people and surgically remove the tracking devices. The hideouts they used were called “Nests”. Because of the threat of being discovered, they would always move around so they couldn’t be caught as easily.

Now a tech war rages on against Nigel and Engitech and this is where our story begins.


His heart was beating faster than he was running. How could they have found him? He was using a firewall. No matter, he could run faster than those damn enforcers. He ran around into a dark alley way. Screaming sirens from police cars ran past him. He took a cell phone out of his pocket. He dialed a series of numbers, nine to be exact. Dialing a regular phone number could be traced. He put the phone up to his ear. There was a ringing sound.


“It’s Mack. I got what we were looking for.”


“Ya they chased me past Grand Central and I’m pinned in some damn alley way waiting for a time to leave.”

“I’ll send one of the guys to pick you up.”

“Alright, I’ll be here.”


He took the cell phone and stuck it in his jacket pocket. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and shook the dust from his thick brown hair.

Mack waited and waited. Finally, a figure on a sports bike appeared at the opening of the alley way. The figure signaled for the Mack to come to them. Cautiously, Mack sprinted to the figure. He stood at the bike for a moment of silence. Then the figure handed him a helmet and said,

“Get on.”

Mack nodded and hopped on the bike. The engine fire up and they took off. They zoomed past streets of houses and working districts. They were half way past Grand Central when two black cop cars pulled along side them.

“Shit! They’re enforcers!” the man on the bike screamed.

“What do you say we take the subway?” Mack replied, patting the man on his shoulder.

The man hit the brakes! Did a doughnut and took off down the street that led to the stairs of Grand Central. The black cars had already caught up with them. Desperate, the man hit his Nitro button and they took off up the stairs. They crashed through the glass doors of Grand Central. People began to scream and run out of the way as the bike flew through the air and landed on the marble ground.

There was no sign of the cops that had been chasing them. The man on the bike hit the brakes and jumped off the bike. He walked to the side of Mack and asked him if he was alright. As the man finished the sentence, a bullet came from the entrance of Grand Central and struck the man right in the temple. His limp body fell to the ground and Mack slid to the front of the bike, turned it on, and took off.

He realized that there was no real exit, so he had to make one. He started up the engine and took off towards the largest window in the building. Bullets flew past his head and shattered the window for him. He closed his eyes as the bike flew out the window and onto the street. Mack hit the brakes once more, turned around to assess the situation, checked his pocket for the objective, and took off down the street.

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Can I rent a post for my story?

The Kid

The he was. Outside of his uncle’s house. Not knowing all the things that were about to happen. It was the year 2030. It was a nice day. But, at a bad time. His parents had just died. Their last words, “I’m gonna go out for the night. Bye see you when I pick you up in the morning, Derek.” He was at his freind’s house when it happened. His parents had been murdered. Now, he was in the sun. An orphan. No guardian. Becuase he ran away. He hated his uncle. Then he came outside. “Hey! Derek come back here!” But, it was to late. Derek was gone.

Chapter 1

I was running. No were in particular. No sense of direction, I turned right. I couldn’t have a guardian. Not today not ever. I felt my eyes water. My face drenched with grief. Faint memories or happiness ran through my head. I’m ten! Nothing like this happens! i saw an abandoned warehouse. That was good. Time for hiding.
I was in. Hiding. No food or water though. I need to move. Not now. Wait… I hear something.

Chapter 2

I saw it. He looked like my uncle. But buffer and faster. I hid behind some crates. I saw him. He knew I’d run here. He looked near where I was hiding in a I’m-so-totally-faking-not-knowing-where-he-is look. Right then and there, I knew my life wasn’t gonna be normal. And worse, never was.

Chapter 3

Knowing or living, I know I had to live. It’s hard to explain. I wentinto zerospace. Time didn’t flow. It waited for me. I was starting to form a picture in my mind. I saw a room. There was a red and gold carpet. Like the ones you would see in a castle. And that it was. A castle. I walked down the carpet and saw a throne. You would never guess who was there. My dad.

Chapter 4

“Hello son.” He said “Been awhile.” I was shocked. He just stared at me. My dad. A king. “Hi dad.” I replied.
“Y’know, my loyal subjects call me ‘your highness’. But, you’re the execption.”
“Thanks dad. Um… how did you…. Y’know…” Shocked, shocked, shocked. It’s like he could read my thoughts. “It’s becuase I can read your thoughts. Oh, and I’m a king becuase… Well, I’m the king of thoughts.” Well, talk about a shocker. No wonder he could always tell when I lie.

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Can I be the co-owner?

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Since you are the first to post, why yes you may be the co-owner

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There are too much stories now.I might start a story of my own.

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Shoopis my Whoopis! Thanks.

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Arch you can post your story here.

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Me and him will rent you one. Here are some ground rules:

1. Only ten stories per post.
2. Only one post for every writer.
3. No bad feedback unless you have a reason.
4. Any co-writers ofa story must be given full credit.
5. You must ask before changing stories out.

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6. Your story must be invited before being posted.

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On the run.
Oliver Topp.
The End.

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I’ll delete this when someone replies k.
What exactly do we do, I know post our stories but is it the one’s invited? Or a whole NEW story?

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The ones invited. Then you can write a new one.

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You mean we re-write our original stories here that were invited? Then we can add new ones to our post?

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You copy and paste them. And, yes.

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2 more invites.

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Only two? wow…they went fast

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Good job on Red Silence by the way.I just read it.

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Slots are filled for now.

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why do we need this topic?

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Originally posted by backupflyingman:

why do we need this topic?

We don’t. It’s pretty much useless useless.

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So, people will stop complaining about all the stories.

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how will it solve the problem

plus if it was a massive problem mods will do somthink about it

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Becuase now they’re all in one topic.

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not really all coz u saying stuff like 2 more stories allowed

oh no do we care this is pointless. Modes dont say stories overun the place anyway story directory solves the problem.

Post story get link lock story than just one page with links to stories