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Okay then anyone is allowed.

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your to co-owner not the owner u need the owners permishion

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I finally have been un-silenced! Ah, they joys. But anyway, surely you should award these slots to people who actually post their story, rather than just saying random ones? Ah well, I don’t supposed mine needs it. :)

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Errr…. we kind of need to delete this.

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Why do you need to delete it? :S

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i made this topic epic fail with backup flyingman

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Have you read recent topics.

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OK as the true owner of this thread I will give out invites to people that I deem worthy to post on the thread. I will give out a total of 10 invites plus the ones Pivot already gave out.

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Here is my Stories

The Dark Light:

Chapter 1 – The Beggining

BOOM!, Another Invention gone wrong.
Wiping my face, I wondered if he was ever going to create something that would be useful.
“Tea’s ready,” Shouted Amanda.
Ah, the 6 people I could trust, all of them were sharing a house with me.
Me, Slater, Matthew, Rose, Joe, Sam and Amanda are all fascinated in Maths and Technology. We want to be famous inventors.
We were all considered nerds and geeks at our old schools but when we moved to University, we met each other and we knew we would be spending the rest of our lives together.
We like to call this house The Future House and we know one day the 7 of us will make the future. All day we are all inventing high tech equipment and giving each other impossible math problems. Our favourite pass time is Pi, we have a competition to see how many digits we can memorize. I currently hold the record because I can remember 721 digits.
“I’m just coming” I yelled.
As I walked down the wooden stairs, I wondered about how we will end up in 20 or 30 years.
When I sat down at the table, everyone was looking at me.
“What?” I asked
“Why have you got stuff all over your face.” Said Sam
“Oh, that’s because my invention exploded, again!” I replied
“Again!?” asked Rose.
“We haven’t had any luck either” Announced Slater and Matthew.
“Weve got that exam to hand in tomorrow, its about the effects of time on anti-gravitional matter,” I said
“Oh Yeah, we need to get started” Said Sam.
“Who just said danger?” I asked
“No one, we didnt say anything” Amanda said queitly
“Thats weird, I swear I heard someone said Danger,” I said softly.
To be honest, I was scared.

Chapter 2 – Danger

Danger. That word had been entering in and out of my head for the past few hours. What did it mean?
I had started my exam and it was pretty good. Everyone else was working beside me.
“Does the plasma effect the way the protons accelerate off of the discharged matter” Asked Joe
“NO!” We all said in unison.
Then we all laughed.
“I just heard someone say danger again” I said
“You must be hearing things, are you alright” Asked Matthew
1 Hour later we had all finished
We all checked each others and reviewd them, we all got pretty much the same thing.
“Ahhhhh, who keeps on saying danger!?” I screamed
“We better get him to a doctor!” Amanda said while she rushed to my aid.
“Im alright, I think.” I whispered
“I reckon you should get some sleep,” Suggested Slater
“OK” I replied
As I got into my bed, everyone from the house was watching me.
“Whats it like, having a whisper in your head,” Said Joe
“Strange, very strange and I don’t know whats going on. Maybe its a disease, a disease that we can cure!” I answered.
“Lets not jump to conclusions,” Said Matthew.
“For all its worth, I think we should moniter your activity ourselfs,” Said Rose.
“Thats a good idea, maybe we could make a discovery for our own,” Suggested Sam
“Lets do it,” I said.
When everyone had left the room, I fell asleep.

Chapter 3 – The Dream

That night I had a nightmare.
I was running, running fast.
What from?
I turned. Nothing. Silence.
Suddenly, a burst of air came rushing at me. I flew back and smashed against the wall.
“Do you want to run away and be a coward.”
The voice was coming from my head, my mind.
“NO!” I screamed
“A stupid choice.”
With another burst of air, a chair in the corner of the room started floating in the air and it came rushing towards me. It hit me with great momentum and made my entire body fill with pain. Thunder roared outside and I thought I wouldn’t survive.
“Have you had enough? I think so!”

I opened my eyes. I was sweating really hard and I felt something on my chest.. I looked down and screamed.
Everyone came in to see what was wrong.
“OH MY GOD” They all said it at the same time.
On my chest was the words “The nightmare, did you have fun?” Written in thick marker pen.
Then I passed out.

Chapter 4 – Reccio

After we whipped the pen off, we all had breakfast.
“What the hell happened to you last night?! Said Slater in bewilderment.
“I had a dream, I was running away from something and I stopped to look around but nothing was there, then a strong burst of air hit me and sent me flying back, I heard a voice whisper the words “Do you want to run away and be a coward.” I said “NO!”. He said “A stupid choice.” and a chair in the corner of the room floated up in the air and hit me. I thought I was going to die. There was loads of thunder outside. The voice said “Have you had enough? I think so!” and then I woke up.”
“WEIRD!” Everyone said.
“I wonder whats happening,” Said Rose
“I dont know” I replied
“Wheres Reccio?” Sam asked
“I don’t know.” Said Joe
“BANG!” The immense sound had come from outside.
“What the hell was that!” Screamed Amanda.
All of them went outside to investigate where the place the sound was made.
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” They all screamed in terror.
Reccio was lying on the floor, dead, with blood all around him.
“OMG, His head looks flattened so he must of fell off the top of the building!” Joe gasped.
They all stared in shock at their dead house mate.
“Who could of done this?” Rose whispered
" I did it, Ha Ha Ha!"
“Who said that?” Sam said.
“I heard something” Amanda whispered
“I think we all did” Suggested Slater
This time, we all believed

Chapter 5 – Investigation

“We need to find out whats happening” Matthew announced
“We sure do,” Joe replied
“First of all, thats see if we can get that voice back into our heads”
“Im here, Im always here!”

The End:

When the button is pressed, the end starts.


The year is 2198 and the 100th president of the USA has just been announced.
Dranko Hella has just entered the Oval office and he likes it. Being the most powerful man in the world, Dranko feels invincible.

Gretytech is a small organization that focuses on the production of new super technological equipment.
Gretytech has recently stumbled across an extremely rare item that could be the future of super technology.
Terick is a type of matter that can be changed in any way possible and is a great advantage to the business.

Chapter 1 – The Plant

James Yoll, the leader of Gretytech, woke up.
Ring, Ring, Ring
James picked up the phone.
“Ill be there right away”
James put on his clothes and rushed out of the door.
He drove his Hesla to the plant.
He had to save it, otherwise his business will be lost.
James rushed inside and wiped the smoke away from his eyes.
He had to save it, he had to.
He found the main control room and started typing on the main interface’s keyboard.
He activated all the water hydrants and set them to full power.
Suddenly everything shut down.
“What the hell is happening, the only way the power can be shut down is from the underground power room and that was fire proof. Someone must be down there.”
He sprinted to the door that leads to the power room and he tried to unlock it but it wouldn’t open.
He found a tub of Terick and he smashed it open.
James used a milligram to disintegrate the whole door.
He went to the main control power source and he couldn’t believe his eyes.
The power source had completely disappeared.
Who could of done such a thing.
A shadow passed over the ground where James was standing and before he know it, a sharp knife was sticking out of his body. James fell to the floor.
He was dead

Chapter 2 – Dranko Hella

5 hours later:
Dranko was sat in the presidential chair.
The messenger device beeped and he put his finger on it to receive the call.
“Sir, James Yoll wants to see you” The lady said
“Send him in” Dranko replied
The oval office’s doors flew open and James Yoll ran in
“Sir, the Gretytech plant has just been destroyed!”
“By what?” The president replied
“We don’t know” James answered.

“We got him” I said

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The night sky is filled with stars and constellations, but something else inhabits the void above our world, something that is disregarded and hidden from most of us……
Hello, my name is Alex Mulder, I am 10 years old, and, like my father, I am obsessed with UFOs and Extra-Terrestrials. My father is special FBI agent Fox Mulder and my mother Dana Mulder, they used to work together. 3 years ago, my Dad got abducted, in the middle of the night, I woke up and light poured into my room, after that I just woke up, and he was gone. We haven’t seen him since. Every day from then I have been looking up, hoping to find him.

Chapter 1
Today is my birthday! I got a new telescope, I have been excited to get it all year. It has a 200X optical zoom. I woke up really early and Mum got it out of the basement. I had breakfast and went upstairs. As I came downstairs and entered the kitchen, Mum sung happy birthday and I blew my candles out, I wished that Dad would come back. “Mum, do you think Dad will ever come back?” I asked, it was a question I had been plaguing Mum since the day he disappeared.
“I told you not to talk about it, but if you want an answer, its that I just dont know, son, I just don’t know.”
“Sorry.” I spent the rest of the day on the computer, I always search for people who are going through the same experience, but I never find anybody. I feel lonely, and scared.
I woke up and looked at my watch, 2:00am, thats weird, I never wake up in the middle of the night, I looked around my room, and there it waited….. the alien.

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Good stories. Finishes off pop-corn

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On The Run

Chapter 1 – Alarm’s Should be Dismantled

My eyes had opened. That damn alarm had put me off my sweet sleep!
“Wait? Alarm!?” I shouted questionably. The room was flashing red and my head hurt.
“Craig! Get up! Evac! Samuel is coming for us! ETA 5 minutes!” Shouted Sean.
“Wha- What’s going on?” I asked as I was lifted from the bed, some springs were broke off and it was soggy.
“Craig! Commander Danve has been killed… to protect us!” Shouted Sean.
“What?! Who did this? I will make them pay!” I demanded. I picked up my rifle from my bedside table and looked at Sean. He stared back and was sweating.
“It… it was Samantha!” He shouted.
“Samantha?! His hooker?!” I was shocked.
“No! Samantha’s his wife, Cherry is his hooker!” Shouted Sean.
“Haha! I can’t believe I got them mixed up! Anyway! Why?” I asked.
“Well she wa-” Said Sean before being interupted by a bullet to the head. A gun fell out of his hand, which was behind his back the whole time. Suddenly Samantha ran in.
“Craig! He killed Danve! He threatened to kill you!” Shouted Samantha, struggling to breath.
“But… he was my best friend! Why?” I asked, holding my rifle steadily.
“An enemy of Danve’s. Samuel. He owns a group of super villains.” Said Samantha.
“Super villains? You mean… they have powers… like me?” I asked.
“Yes. But you have still yet to gain control of your powers. Telekinesis
is a serious ability. Use it.” Said Samantha. I opened my back door wide.
“We have to hurry. Samuel’s group will be here soon.” I said. Samantha followed me out as we ran to Dr. Kranziz’s lab…

Chapter 2 – The Doctor and his Frankenstein

“Not long Samantha! Just over this hill.” I said.
“Good. I can’t run much longer.” Replied Tammy. As we elevated to the top of the hill we could hardly breath. I see the lab. Instead of running down the hill I took my easier approach to the situation. I rolled. I hit the bottom of the hill. Samantha was walking down, holding a shotgun up to her shoulder.
“Well… you know how to get around fast.” Giggled Samantha. We approached the door. The door was automatic. It opened easily and Dr. Kranziz stood there leaning over some of his inventions.
“Dr. Kranziz! We need help!” I said.
“Craig! Good to see you! Where is Sean?” He asked.
“Dead.” I said without showing any emotion. At this point I turned to Samantha, I then returned my view to Dr. Kranziz.
“Ah. I feared this. Let me guess. Samuel.” Said Dr. Kranziz.
“Yes. He has people with powers like me!” I shouted, smashing my fists off a table.
“Do you remember how you gained these abilities?” Asked Kranziz.
“Yes… it was due to you being in that machine.” I replied.
“Yes. The Genormatic. It changed body cells to create a whole new cell.” Kranziz said.
“I wandered into it. Without knowing, you activated it. My father tried saving me… his cells weren’t only changed in a bad way, they were passed through his brain into mine, causing a strengthing in my brain cells allowing not only mental abilities, it gave me more physical abilities. It mixed and created my Telekinesis
.” I explained.
“Yes. Now we must destroy Samuel.” Said Kranziz.
“How?” I asked.
“Only one thing can defeat him. It is made of seperate parts. A diamond. A mini generator with the power of a fully sized generator. A Plasma Gun. Finally, a water chip.” Said Kranziz.
“The first thing is the plasma gun. A test plasma gun is located at a U.S. military base, you must retrieve it at all costs!” Shouted Kranziz.

Chapter 3 – U.S. Plasma Man

Samantha and I are just outside the U.S. military base. Army soldiers walked around, circling the base. Two stayed still at a large opening.
“Samantha. Stay here.” I told her. I begun walking up to the opening. As I closed in on the soldiers I played tricks on their mind. They stepped aside for me. I giggled and walked through, before walking through I put on a soldier’s uniform. It was green and I even had a desert Eagle into one of the pockets. The other pocket contained… something sticky. I instantly got my hand out, disgusted at whatever was in there. Apparently on my name tag, my name is John Dansy. I walked in, looked around and mind tricked one officer to take me to the test plasma gun’s location. He lead me to a large warehouse, it was green all around with a large blood stain beside the door. I opened the door, ignoring he blood all around and inside the warehouse and looked for the gun. As I reached over some guns I noticed on the other side a large, steel containment.
“That must be it.” I told myself. I climbed over and used my telekeinesis to open it with ease. I grabbed the plasma gun quickly and sprinted out, hiding the gun to look like a pistol with my mind tricks. I seen Samantha… with a ghouly person grabbing her neck, he stared at me. At that moment he released her and went to attack me.
“Shit!” I shouted while diving to the left avoiding his attack. He vanished and reappeared next to me, he grabbed my neck and started glowing. I was getting weaker. At that moment I blasted him off me. I sprinted to him and started using my telekinesis to hold him down.
“Who are you?” I asked angrilly.
“Jacob! Samuel’s bodyguard!” He replied, still trying to break free.
“Where is Samuel?!” I asked angrily again.
“Bye!” He shouted giggling and vanished.
“Damn it!” I shouted, hitting my fists off the wall.
“C’mon. We’ve got to get back to the lab.” I told Samantha. We had reached the lab, and Kranziz was happy to see the gun but shocked to hear about Jacob.
“Next thing to be collecting is… a mini generator. Located at a Russian lab. I will get you a jet to take you there immediantly.” Said Dr. Kranziz.

Chapter 4 – A Corruption for You

“This is John. He is my friend and your pilot for the evening. John, take them to my old lab.” Said Kranziz. John was a tall man with black hair, wore sunshades and an awesome pilot suit.
“John is great with up close combat and gun abilities. You’d be wise to let him join you.” Said Kranziz.
“Follow me Craig.” Said John. Samantha was staying behind this time to help Kranziz with testing the plasma gun. We walked outside to a black jet, a yellow line went across the side of it and a blue line goes across the top. We got in, I noticed three sniper rifle’s in the back with a large crate of ammo.
“Use it, we’ll attack from the air. I can get us a chopper, one is located near the Russian lab.” Said John. We flew off heading to the chopper.

4 hours later

We had landed. The chopper was close. I grabbed two sniper rifle’s and John got the large crate full of ammo.
“Let’s go Craig.” Said John. We got in the chopper and flew into the air. John sat on the pilot seat while I fiddled with the unloaded sniper rifle in the back.

1 hour later

We were above the lab, it was white all over with a glass covered dome at the top. I seen some scientists inside standing around a small light. It looked like the generator. I picked upthe sniper rifle and aimed towards one scientists head. I could make the bullet go faster and straighter due to my telekinesis. I fired, killing one scientist. I killed more and more, and after they were all dead we landed.
“I’ll only be a minute.” I told John. I sprinted inside with my normal rifle. I grabbed the generator and ran out. We flew back to the lab.

6 hours later

“Kranziz! We have it!” I shouted happily holding the generator upin the air.
“Good! The plasma rifle has been fully tested. We have repaired it’s aiming system, it’s firing enhibitor and even the grip.” Said Kranziz. Samantha stood in the background holding the plasma gun.
“John! Did you get my medical supplies from the Russian lab?” Asked Kranziz.
“Medical Supplies. You never told me to get those.” Replied John, looking slightly puzzled.
“Oh… that is not good. We need… never mind. We only need the water chip and the diamond. The water chip is located in… ow. Ah!” Shouted Kranziz. He was on his knees, his hands over his head. He started smacking his head off the floor. He turned his head towards me, his eyes were going blue.
“Ah! Aahh! AAAAHHH!” He screamed, he faced the roof screaming it more. Samantha ran towards me and we backed away 4 steps to a safe distance.
“Kranziz?” I asked, afraid of the situation.
“DAMN YOU SAMUEL!” Shouted Kranziz. He threw me a piece of paper before he changed. He was on his knees, hands on the floor. He had lost all his hair and the skin turned darker.
“I… am corrupted! AAH!” He shouted. He jumped out of a window, he escaped.
“Kranziz… was a corrupted beast… a slave of Samuel’s.” I said sadly. I read the sheet of paper he threw to me.
“Water Chips location: Samuel’s building, Canada.” I read out loud from the note.

Chapter 5 – Operation: Great Power Never Made it into Area 51… Not Even into NASA

John, Samantha and I were all in the chopper, not much chat had been going for the time.
“Kranziz… He fought back Samuel… Even though he was one of them… Kranziz must be healed.” I said, my head staring at the floor, my rifle sat beside me and my hands crossed over.
“Craig, Kranziz, Samantha… Samuel… what’s your stories?” Asked John.
“Samuel was Danve’s brother, they were close until Danve cancelled Operation: Great Power. Samuel took the remaining test subjects, Craig and Sean escaped and Danve and I kept them safe. It is unknown how Samuel found them.” Replied Samantha, she was sitting opposite me, sitting quiet normally, no upsetting movements. She looked at me, then looked outside.
“My story is… complicated. I’ll explain it later.” I told John. Suddenly a rocket launch was heard. I looked out from the side, hanging out using my left hand to grab the top part.
“That’s Samuel’s building!” I shouted, feared what he was planning. We were getting closer. What was happening?
“Land now!” I commanded John. The chopper landed on a road, the streets empty. All houses abandoned, only Samuel’s HQ remained. I ran alone to the door, the building was huge, white and probably has defences inside. I sighed, and opened the door. Holding my rifle steadily I walked in, ready to confront the dangers of Samuel’s minions.

Chapter 6 – Suicide is Hard to do

I opened the door, my rifle ready. The whole room was empty.
“Funny… I expected Lex Luthor.”I giggled. At that moment a clown faced freak appeared.
“Even funnier… I expected Luthor… I got the Joker.” I said, giggling. His face faced mine, staring, his eyes glew red. At that moment I remembered Dr. Kranziz, where was he?
“I am… I am Folly. My power… To blank out all weaponry near me.” Said this person in a deep and crackled voice. I threw my gun to the side and got into a fighting pose. Folly ran towards me, kicking my chest causing me to fall on my back. Folly grabbed his head in pain.
“I wasn’t always like this! Ah!” shouted Folly, the pain must be horrible. He then attacked again but I reflexed and used telekinesis to throw him back into the wall. He quickly got up and grabbed my neck, I punched his nose several times. After his nose started bleeding I grabbed his head and head butted him. He fell back, the pain between his corruption and my powerful fists was too much for him. He tried shooting himself with my rifle, his power wasn’t only a strength… it was a weakness. He ran out of the building, screaming. I sighed and picked up my rifle. I reached the elevator, opened it and pressed the button that said “Basement”. The water chip must be there, Samuel was too smart to keep it in a high profile area. The elevator went down.
“So… who’s next?” I ask, knowing someone would be there.

[Gonna be adding more ;)]

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Can anyone help me with the kid?