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A Poem That's Very Appropriate For Right Now

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God! I hope this doesn’t spark some sort of poetry craze!


Of course, all lies mean well
But only for our selfish gains
When the truth is made clear again
The blood boils in our veins

West doth the wind blow
And our lies go to beyond
To ever present ignorance
With no ability to see on

We die, we cry, we hide
We cheat, abuse, and steal
But never do we feel the guilt
Because we gained one more meal

East is where the beauty lies
Joy to pass around
Working with our sweat
And raising up this ground

When east and west collide
We feel a union has been made
All along the truth is known
What an enormous debt we paid

North is where the flowers go
To smell the sweet dew air
Though the feelings are momentary
Somethings just aren’t fair

South is dark and lifeless
Smiling is no welcomer
To some it seems wrong
But it’s safe to be a follower

When all these meet together
The symphony is born
The east and west beating drums
And north and south blowing horns

But for all that it’s worth
What about those lies
Now we see how to decieve
Through another person’s eyes

Yes, it’s true we did unite
But all that false sincerity
Will eventually destroy us
Without some truthful clarity

They yelled and cursed
We laughed and jeered
They fought with luck
Just as the people feared

The wind comes to her crossroad
Confused on where to go
But all in all it’s her decision
On where the wind should blow

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Truly Amazing

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God! I hope this doesn’t spark some sort of poetry craze!

You lie that is exactly your intent.

As for the poem, how exactly does it apply to these conditions right now? Who’s joining who, and why isn’t everyone metaphorically killing each other. I see a stalemate, not a full out war, and I can’t see people killing each other. What am I talking about, am I being to broad with my words?

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The situation I am referring to is the political scene not anything on Kongregate.

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No rhyme scheme?

If your truly good at writing you should start your own free blog.

You never know if your blog takes off it might make you some extra cash.

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What do you mean it has rhyme scheme

AF( these are supposed to represent that AF and AE dont rhyme)