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Originally posted by zantothedread:

Lol, your gonna die?

How bad is that, who cares..


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I April Fooled like 4 people. But now its after 12 :(

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Originally posted by pillowchii:
Originally posted by SeanCooper5454:

Me to. April fools!

Hooray, it’s a troll alt. Please lrn 2 grammarz.

Err what’s wrong with it? (You spelt learn, two and grammar wrong)

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i april fooled five and my tutor

i also did 10 pinch punches

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Pinch punch?

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I did nothing.

I did get gripped in a horrible “pinch” of the pinch punch and my arm was still stinging for an hour, though. But that was in the afternoon! :P

Pinch punch, first of the month, no return to me.

It’s kind of sad…

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Sounds like what 3 year olds do…
I’m in Year 9, and that went out with the happy slaps years ago…

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Anyhow, knowing RMcD, if he died, he’d find some way to make witty comments on Kongregate.