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Kongregate Name: Aussieborn

Age: 18++

Location: Melbourne, Australia ;)

Female/Male: Male.

Online Gaming History (let it be forums or online games): Well I basically started off in Anarchy Online played that for about 5 years I think, yes i’m still playing it. Since then i’ve played numerous online games, well most the major ones. At the moment i’ve just started on World of Warcraft (Not too bad to be honest, a bit basic and the community isn’t the best) Of course i’m on Kongregate aswell.

What types of games do you like: Types of games I love is adventure/rpg and well anyhting with a challenge, if its got a scoreboard i’ll always try to be on the top. I guess thats why I love Anarchy Online – always a challenge.

How did you find out about Kongregate: I was actually talking about Mrcredsalex on Anarchy Online (since he started there) and I decided to google his name and his classic rocket attack popped up :)

Now you

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I started off as a typical game player, played everything on console. Had that natural abiltie to get good at any game really fast. All my friends are very good game players as well which is good so it’s always a challenge. Played games at school, was mucking around with flash, doing crappy animations.

Got WoW, stopped normal games and played that for 2 years. Me and my bunch of friends had a guild and it was pretty “infamous” so we were pretty into that for ages.

Quit WoW and back to normal games now, but honestly nothing “groundbreaking” has been coming out. Games are also taking too long, so I haven’t been playing games as much, waiting a little while.

Been working on Flash games the last 6 months more then ever, and gotten a lot better. So been focusing on that.

Besides Flash I’m very lazy :P which makes the two attributes a huge clash…Lately just been making games / playing games, watching anime and series, and only working one day a week.

Like 1st person shooting games the best, and “unique games” I was reffered to Kongregate by Atomic-Noodle. I’ve gone past him in level, so he’s got lots of points off me :P

I wrote heaps…, probably cause I haven’t written a post in so long :P

You all better write huge stories now. Go!

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Good post, I would of written more but ran out of ideas :p

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Kongregate Name:“Sylicas”

Age:13+(And a bit moar)

Female/Male:Who are you talking to,me or her?Duh,I’m male.

Her:Keep your mouth SHUT unless you decided you don’t want your life!

Online Gaming History:I basically started off a long time ago,playing quite a lot of games.I started out on NG first,which I found Ball Revamped,which led me to,and I signed for an account there (in about 6 months!)

What type of games: Tough one.Puzzle/Adventure Hybrids are nice,but I suppose that Action/Shooting hybrids are good too.

HDYFOAKongregate(Acronym for that one.) : Member’ that part about,he went to Kongregate,posted a refferal link,(Clicky),and I signed an account here.


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Jude is teh best 1337 mod 3v3r!!!

Age: 13 3/4

Gender: Male

Online Gaming History: What sparked me to play online gaming is the PS1. Got bored so went to the internet. Got my hotmail and blablabla. And then, I played ArcadeTown (ZOMG!!!) and went to portal sites (NG and then Kongregate). I’m an avid jmtb02 fan (I have his AIM so I can stalk him hehe!) and an avid Jude fan.

Game Genre: RPG/Puzzle (Best: Wild Arms Alter Code F), Action/Adv. (Best: Okami), RPG/Strategy (Best: Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness), RPG (Best: Atelier Iris 2… Probably because it’s the same creator of Disgaea)

How did &#)*#@ you find Kongregate: Sylicas reffered me. I became a mod and pwned all Kongregators alive


Music: Game OSTs (Disgaea, Atelier Iris, and Okami), a bit of rock songs (Simple Life) and pop (Grace Kelly – Mika)

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You haven’t pwned me yet though,because I’m still here with a mind of my own.Now,Aussie here on the other hand…

Go figures,she’ll kill you the next time.

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Location: Albany, Western Australia

Online Gaming:Well, I played wow for a month and then… realised it wasn’t very fun. I’m back to playing Counter Strike atm. Also played Day of Defeat, COD 2, Halo 2, Quake3, etc. For the last few weeks it’s all been about kongergate though!

Game Genre: Well, I like FPS the best, they seem to connect the best with me. Half Life 2 is the best game ever made (imo). I love my DS at the moment, Elite Beat Agents (Rythm) is wicked cool.

I found out about Kongregate through The Escapist, an awesome online magazine.

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StaggerLee! I live in Albany…omg. Hah my friend Alex knows you, from ages ago or something like that.

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Kongregate Name: Greg

Age: 23

Location: San Francisco, California

Female/Male: Male

Online Gaming History (let it be forums or online games): I’m primarily a console player, but for just online stuff… I went through a major Counter-Strike phase about 7 years ago (who hasn’t?), and I’m currently playing way too much World of Warcraft (2 level 70s on Frostwolf, alliance).

How did you find out about Kongregate: Craigslist, while looking for a job.

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Um, I never went through a Counterstrike phase, Greg.

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Kongregate Name: dasrore

Age: 17 in about a week

Location: Michigan. USA

Female/Male: Male.

Online Gaming History (let it be forums or online games): NESSNES→PS1 For the first chunk of my life

Then games kind of drifted out of my life for a bit, I got the GCN, followed by the Xbox, and played a lot of GBA.
Then I got my own PC and I’ve loved PC games since.
I got a DS, and I don’t really play it, I got a wii and I ended up Ebaying it because I never play it. I think I like PC a lot more because of the Free expanisive online play, and the ability to pause the game, tab out, and go on the internet or talk to people on MSN/AIM etc.

PC Wise I play Starcraft, Warcraft, MAME, GGXX: Online, I went through a counterstrike phase, but now days I’m mostly just playing MAME/GGXX and WoW. (and games on kongregate)

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Kongregate Name Valkyrie

Location Brisbane Australia

Age: Too old to remember/admit

Female/male: Politically correct.

Grew up playing Battle Tanks on Nintendo and Prince of Persia on PCs (Yes I am a relic of the past) but have a new found liking for trigger happy games.

The Games I like depends on the mood I am in. If I want to relax I like games like Age of Japan and BoomShine. If I am alert and awake, I like RPG and Adventure games.

How did I find Kongregate? Well.. dad recommened this place and I have been here ever since.


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ha, thats weird eggy.Is that Alix Jahn?

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Kongregate Name: damijin

Age: 19

Location: Hamilton, NJ

Female/Male: Male

Online Gaming History (let it be forums or online games): When I was a young(er) tyke, circa 1997, AOL had this game called “Darkness Falls” available for a free beta test on their Keyword: Games page. It was a text based MUD, one of Mythic Entertainment’s earlier games before they went on to make Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer. Basically, it was an ancestor of your modern MMORPGs. I played the living hell out of it. Went on to continue playing that and a bunch of other great games on the GameStorm service in the late 90s, which had some of the original graphical online RPGs like Legends of Kesmai.

Since then I’ve been playing text based and graphical RPGs, I got into first person shooter with Starsiege: Tribes. Went through my Counter-Strike phase a little later than most because I started playing that with CS:Source. Still play it a bit. I was heavy into Planetside for a couple of years, and then Lineage 2 for a couple more. Right now I’m into making Flash games and hanging out on Kongregate, but I’m currently waiting for Pirates of the Burning Sea and Age of Conan to be released. Warhammer might be cool too ;)

How’s you find Kongregate?: Raph Koster’s blog. I’m a sucker for buzzwords like “web 2.0” and “youtube for games”!

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Kongregate Name: Flare_x

Age: I don’t even know

Location: A small town in central California (north/south-wise)

Gender: Male

Online Gaming: I first started with an ol’ NES and an SNES my parents had; we still have the SNES. WE eventually got a PS1, then PS2, a Gamecube, various handheld systems, and now, a Wii.
A friend of mine quit a website and I was told about MapleStory, so I decided to go play that with her. I eventually stopped playing that, around the same time I got WoW. I quickly got absorbed into Warcraft, and I still play it. I occasionally play online games with my PS2.

Other Games: I started constantly playing RPG games when I first picked up Final Fantasy X. I am now a FF addict. I don’t like general racing ggames that much, but when they have a twist or another addition that keeps em interesting. I play Action/Adeventure games a lot, and I have a few soecific series I really enjoy. I loke the traditional platformers. Puzzle games are confusing, but I still like em.

Kongregate: My dad turned the TV to Fox News, where they were actually interviewing a guy about Kongregate. A few months later, I was bored, and now here I am.

Huff… long post.

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Kongregate Name: Crushproof

Real name: Ciarán Dolan

Age: 16

Location: Dublin, Ireland

F/M: Male.

Online Gaming History: I’ve never paid for an online game. Ever. I have consoles for things like that. I’ve leeched off crap-o-matic sites such as Addictingames before I came here, and that’s pretty much it =)

What types of games do you like: Whatever I’m good at really. I’ll play any genre of game, but I find I can’t say that I’m good at the entire genre because I rule one game, as I’m usually crap at the rest ;)
Like 3rd person shooters. I pwninate Path of Neo, but suck at SW: Battlefront 2.

How did you find out about Kongregate: Link on Metanet forums. Joined up and been loving it ever since.

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Age: 13 (punkrock 14)

Location: California, U.S.A.


Online Gaming History: I started in my home boys there.My name was also Trantalocked.NG was cool and then eggy intoduced me to kongregate.

What types of games do you like: My fav’s are Tony Hawks games.Own all of em’.Also like racing games like GT3 and MC3.

How did you find out about kongregate: Eggy referred me when he PM’ed me in newgrounds

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Kongregate Name: “comiclove” Although this seems redundant due to the fact that my name is like an inch to the left. Anyway, it should have been comiclove4jamesdean but it was too long
Age: 19
Location: Hanover, PA

History: Not too much of one online, I played here and there, was a big part of a few forums but nothing special.

Anything Else: Well, Growing up all my friends were guys so I was hardcore into console games for a long time, I love any kind of action adventure or anything that really makes me think. I was big into resident evil on the PS1, loved GOW, POP, Anything Tom Clancy. I am woman enough to admit I’m not very good at fast paced first person shooters, I can stay alive but not usually dominate the game. I’m the person in Halo who is more than willing to commit suicide just to kill you. I used to be part of a Group that met up twice a week and played Halo till all hours of the night, but then there was some drama, and then every one moved on to separate collages. But one of the guys from that group recommended Kongregate to me at like 3 am one night so I could help him with something (gotta love insomnia) and here I am.

I am finishing up my first novel and beginning the second so I often find myself playing games and letting my mind wander when I have writer’s block. Seems to work well. I can’t seem to get into making my own game, I get too into the story line. I guess that is about it.


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Nah StaggerLee, It’s Alex Cambell.

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Greg, me too. I heard CS when I was 10 :)

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Kongregate Name: You guess.

Age: 15 and a bit

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (such horrible internet access)

Gender: Very much a male.

Online Gaming History: Started off with Ro about 2 years ago, got bored, went through a phase of MMORPG’s (I’ve probably tried almost every free MMORPG). Found a different genre of games with Gunbound (which I got bored with soon after), then I found Albatross18 (look it up) which I’ve been playing since Open Beta now. I play DotA and CS occasionally though.

Found Kongregate this year, loving it.

What types of games do you like: RPG / Adventure / Puzzle / Sport / Casual

How did I get here: Techcrunch article

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Isn’t Albatross18 PangyaSEA or something like that?

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Kongregate Name: Why am I even answering this?

Age: 14 (almost the youngest mod!)

Location: Wisconsin, United States (we’re the dairy state!)

Gender: Male!

Online Gaming History: Was very much of a console player a few years ago… To make a long story short, I got bored and started looking online for something to fill my boredom. I found Kongregate, and the chat feature hooked me :P

What types of games do you like: Adventure games, RPG’s, other… stuff.

How did I get here: Article on Webware way back in January

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What’s Jude’s Bday,I wonder?

Hah,I’m the youngest Mod here.13 1/2.Top it off.

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16 Octopus.