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I tried to disable it in task manager, but it says “System Critical process, cannot end process”

Please help me on how to get it the hell of.

And FYI this is a very bad trojan.

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Seriously, its not WinlogOn its WinlogIn.I hear it comes with this other virus and is hard to delete.My antivirus software “Detects” it but it is UNABLE to delete it.Antivirus deletes everything else but this fucking worm.

So if you know a PC expert get me him.Now.

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Google is your friend …

If you don’t have a virus scanner, I can suggest AVG, it’s free.

and of course some spy ware detection and removal tools ..

There ya go, hope this helps.

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I had this once. I had to go through about 15 antivirus checks until it was finally removed.

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WOAH You can some tough Trojan. Be careful on what you download?
if you havent got rid of it you could delete it manually? it probably wouldn’t help

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Kaspersky / Avira are the best IIRC

If that doesn’t help you’re on your own.

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Try force deletion software.

Try to delete in Safe-Mode.
- Press F8 on boot-up. Find that file and delete.

Try programs that are specifially used for deleting that type of viruses. AND I DON’T MEAN ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE.

Pay for manufactor to delete it for you.
- I would rather try myself.

Cry hard.
- WTF, this doesn’t help.

Which is virus’ name, by the way?

Oops, looks like this is year old topic. Why it was on first page then? O_O