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Processes i have running - tell me the ones that are bad (locked)

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System Idle Process

I have a pentium 2 that goes VERY slow.Are there any programs here that i dont need/ virus trojan that may be slowing down my computer?

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WUAUCLT.EXE < for automatic update

Explorer.EXE < your desktop ,start menu, folders

taskmgr.exe < task manager

WDFMGR.EXE < its for WPM 10 prolly no prob if you turn it off

IEXPLORE.EXE < internet explorer PLEASE use firefox :)

SVCHOST.EXE < for executing code out of dll’s some of them can be turned off but you will need to pick the right one

i recommend just leaving it on

MDM.EXE < for debugging of IE i think not sure just turn it off

SPOOLSV.EXE < i think it is for printing or somthing… if you are not gonna print just turn it off

SVCHOST.EXE <same as above

SVCHOST.EXE < same as above

SVCHOST.EXE < same as above

SVCHOST.EXE < same as above

LSASS.EXE < security if you dont care about a secure windows (not that windows is secure) i think you can turn it off but i dont know if windows is gonna restart itself because of it

SERVICES.EXE < starts up stuff that should start up at booting cant turn it off

WINLOGON.EXE < for logging of and on and off and running mutiple users never tried turning it off

CSRSS.EXE <dunno what it is dont turn it off

SMSS.EXE < cant turn it off

Airsvcu.exe < i think(not sure) it was for indexing files on your HD

Remind32.exe < dont know it so its prolly not windows and since its filename is Remind32.exe it i think ou can turn it off

qttask.exe < can proberbly be turned off

F-Sched.exe < i think this form your antivirus dunno what..

F-StopW.exe < antivirus

System System Idle Process < is nothing

there you go all at own risk xD

if you wanna turn off Airsvcu.exe and your using XP just go to My computer and right mouse button on a harddrive properties and turn off the indexing of harddrive to speed up searches repeat for all hd’s

and why are you running XP on a Pentium 2 (how much ram?)


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Look dude, is firefox really that much better? If not then im sticking with IE.

Second, why do you care that XP is on a pentium 2?

Oh and the PC it self is good, but online…thats another story.Sometimes it takes 10 MINUETS just to load some crap THAT I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT IT IS!!!

So, i take back that the PC itself is VERY slow.

I have like 450 MHz.

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Look dude, is firefox really that much better? If not then im sticking with IE.

Yes, it is. IE7 is especially bad.

A 450 mhz P2 should not be running XP. Throw that thing away, I cant believe you still use it – let alone have XP on it. You can get computers 10 times better for dirt cheap. I bet you dont even have that much RAM as well. That will make a huge impact on your performance, especially if you are trying to run something like XP.

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Actually, I can’t see why IE7 is so bad… I don’t see anything wrong with it.

still Firefox FTW though

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Dude, please tell me where i can find a better PC for dirt.Look im 13 and im poor in money.I want a new computer but i have no deleted money.And yes i do have 450 MHz the computer info says so.

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Ebay can have some deals, or find a friend whos getting rid of one.

PS Please watch your language on the site.

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Fire fox is customizable (so you can take only what you want in the browser like Music player controls for example)
Customizing IE usually means Spyware

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firefox sucks, use the new IE, it is bleepin awsome

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I hate firefox.

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I use firefox, but I like the new IE. My problem with firefox is that it tends to be a memory hog. I haven’t messed around with IE7 too much, but as a gamer, I need to kill firefox every time I want to go play a game, otherwise I get some pretty lame frame rates.

The thing that made me love FF over IE6 way back when, though, is the feature that lets you restore your session and open all those memory hogging web2.0 sites right back up when you’re done gaming. I also love the spellcheck. I don’t really use any plugins though, and as I understand it, those are the heart of the firefox loyalists.

Theres still no perfect browser for me out there. I need something very minimalist with a spellcheck. That’d make me happy.

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I never had any real reason to use Firefox until I got the new IE. It was so unstable, slow and problematic that I had to switch.

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Seriously Firefox > IE*

Any one who argues that is a noob :-p

In all fairness, if you don’t use plugin’s and don’t care about customizing your browser to your taste, then I suppose IE will work fine.

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Personally, I think Firefox is better than IE, mostly because i never seem to get any pop-ups when i use Firefox, and when I use the IE I get them. Also, firefox is better at the customization factor. Like, when you get add-ons to IE they just look crazy. I have a friend that uses IE and his search bar is surrounded by a bunch of stuff, like the Google search bar, the “new” tabs system IE has, and the buttons like refresh, stop, back, and next are all over the place! Plus, Fire fox is more secure, safer, faster loading, and just looks better! BTW post starter, i suggest the Sony VIAO, thats what I have and it works great, plus it looks cool.

Think I said enough?

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that’s ironic because those are my criticisms with FF and why i want to switch back to IE7.

Do you run a lot of addons in FireFox?

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it’s ok i guess

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csrss.exe = Microsoft Client/Server Runtime Server Subsystem
Remind32.exe = Scansoft registration reminder
qttask.exe = Apple QuickTime

System Idle Process = what isn’t being used

I will never go back to use IE, Firefox is ace for me. Its slow, but I do have loads of extentions running. (FasterFox + AdblockPlus + download statusbar + extended statusbar being the only ones I ever really use, lol)

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Firefox is the best browser that is out there, and the add-ons for it make it that way. There are a few add-ons I have now on firefox that I don’t know how I lived without (mouse gestures, greasemonkey, Tab Mix Plus, and all-in-one sidebar just to name a few). And with a couple of about:config tweaks, you can seriously cut down the memory usage. I’m probably running 30+ add-ons at any given time with a crappy Inspiron B120 laptop and I have no problems at all.

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I only downloaded FF because Kong’s badge screen was about as fast as trying to play crysis on the highest settings with a computer that can barely fit to install it. Even then, I never really got into FF, and I still use IE (I beleive it is IE 6). I think I might change to FF if I can get some good add-on scripts, but considering my parents are wary of any installation I doubt I could do that anyway.