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Tips on How to Survive Zombie Attacks (locked)

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Anyone have any useful tips? To start things off: never use a chainsaw. They’re dangerous and can hurt you easily, they weigh quite a bit, they run on low fuel. Oh, and always stay in groups.

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Keeping armor handy would be good, full body armor. It will prevent those pesky arm bites.

If I learned anything from Shawn of the Dead, it is that zombies are dumb and if you moan like one, they won’t eat you.
However, I would try this only with the aforementioned body armor.

Also, never go after your pet who has run into a group of zombies, it is surely dead.

Find a high rise building and lock all doors. It seems to work better than a mall.

Girls, learn how to run. Seriously, you should not be falling every 5 seconds from looking back to see if the zombie is getting closer. You fall, he will be closer.

Don’t let the fat ones fool you. They may be slower, but they are hungrier.

Do not have an argument with your fellow survivors near a wall or boarded up window.

If there is a drunk girl in your garden, run.

Keep your gas tank full at all times, you never know when there will be a zombie outbreak.

That is all for now.

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  • i learned to avoid big cities if u can
  • good idea to have a full tank of gas
  • always have a loaded gun would help
  • don’t run to malls even though it’s high in resources but things dry up eventually
  • don’t make a fort i.e. The Last Stand
  • don’t travel in big groups i.e. Resident Evil: Extinction
  • people slow u down, don’t be a good citizen
  • armor is heavy don’t waste time
  • Resident evil: Extinction is good training move
  • Always carry a blade of some sort for hand to hand battles Scimitars and Katanas are recomended as they are light
  • Aim For Heads as that knocks out the nervous system
  • More will follow
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Always have a sniperman on your team…

Travel in packs….( if your the only one, your surely to die from the thousands of zombies heading your way )

Carry lots of bombs

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The best way to avoide be killed by a zombie, it’s becoming one before he may atack you xD

Now for sure man, maybe just get a car, tons of ammo and a shotgun and go killing all of them on your way… Try stay on your home, i never saw a zombie open a door 0.o

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More people attract more zombies

Travel instead with 3-6 people that know what they are doing

and a pretty fast and big car Hummer H1 Alpha Hardtop is my choice it gets 15 mpg

Other Cars would be Land Rover Defender (not sold in U.S.) , Mercedes G-Class, Land Rover Discovery, an older Mitsubishi Montero, an older Toyota Land Cruiser, Jeep Wrangler Hardtop, if you are handy with a gas trailer pick one up, or get a Mercedes Benz UNIMOG

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Stop imagining you’re in a zombie att…oh wait, you are? Then…run.

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How about waking up? That works for me.

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Always travel in groups.

Don’t be a hero.

Try to be as protected as you can without slowing down.

When running, DO NOT look back.

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Actually, the best way to tackle zombies is to literally tackle zombies.

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How to Survive Zombie Attacks 101: Zombies want flesh and blood. Take out those two and you are fine.

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1. get someone to be bait and make sure no-one likes them.
2. get as many solid weapons as you can for close combat.
3. conserve as much ammo as possible.
4. get to the top of a high building for safety.
5. get some armor to stop the biting.

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1) Determine how long the attack is likely to last. If there is an evacuation zone for example, then stay on the move and head towards it. If you are attempting to wait until they starve or for the army to arrive, then find a defensible position.

2) Assuming that the zombies lack pattern recognition and cannot move too quickly or climb, identify a series of choke points within a 200 meter radius of an enclosed compound as a primary defensive line. Use concertina wire, IEDs and motion sensor alarms. A good location will have no more than 1 entrance point, but allow a maximum of 3. Stash weapons in these chokepoints so you can move to defend them quickly.

3) Establish a holding area extending up to 600 meters of the compound as a temporary defensive line. Concertina wire, motion sensors, IEDs and deep pits. These can be open fields because you just need to hold them for a certain time period before falling back to the 200 meter mark. If the zombies are nocturnal, you can retake them in the day.

4) Try to find arctic terrain or flat plains. It makes it easier to spot the oncoming horde. Keep a pet dog, they can smell them from miles away, but don’t get too attached. You may have to put it down.

5) Find a radio, preferably a military issue PRC series, and a mobile. Not only can you use these to mantain a distress beacon, you can remotely detonate pre-planted IEDs.

6) Find a church, mosque or synagogue. Apart from the off chance of divine intervantion, these structures are easy to fortify, have a tower from which you can snipe or observe, and are built to accentuate echoes. This is good because the underground cellar, which they tend to have, will channel the echoes and tell you when it is clear to head back up.

7) Hunt animals and place carcasses far from your enclosure when you get the chance, to distract them. Try to place a trail leading away from you.

8) Kill the annoying cheerleader / jock / snotty kid survivor who will inevitably arrive to get in your way. It’s only a matter of hours before they will get their moronic selves infected.

9) Try to stick to mine shafts, ventilation tubes, etc. when you have to move into a building to get food or weapons. Zombies are bad climbers. Stay alert though, the ones with the lower half of their bodies gone are, for unexplainable factors, really fast crawlers.

10) Don’t reload when the gun jams or the clip goes empty. Just switch weapons or run. The only exception is when you are sniping, have a rocket launcher or happen to have a mortar, in which case its probably worth the risk of taking your eyes off the horde.

11) Try to be a violent psychopath or at least cultivate such tendencies in everyday life. The impact of seeing corpses of former friends has very little effect on the likes of, say, Norman Bates, and can be a serious help in survival.

12) Do not use a shotgun, no matter what you see in movies. They take too long to reload, even the automatics. An AK-47 or any SMG would be a much better choice. If you can actually shoot straight, try one of the old WWII era battle rifles, like a Sturmgwehr 44 or an M1 Garand. They chamber huge rounds that will blow apart the corpses and reload faster than a shot gun.

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You sound rather experienced Ryan. Let’s work together to pwn the zombie hoarde!

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Depending on the size of outbreak you never really need to use an automatic weapon. Contrary to Hollywood, zombies can only be COMPLETELY destroyed if the brain is destroyed. The virus that causes “zombies” to appear changes the way the brain works so that it is self-sufficient. Therefore, zombies do not need to eat, breathe (ie they can move underwater and poison gas does not affect them), and they cannot feel pain. Also, if you have a zombie outbreak, unless it is contained immediately, you will most likely end up just fighting to survive. Full body plate armor may be a little clumsy and slow to move around in. If you’re caught, they can rip through metal like nothing.


Melee to Short range: Katana, Machete, or Hatchet
Depending on the circumstances, either one or all of these would suffice. Each can easily split a human skull with one swing if the situation called for it. Hatchets and Machetes can also be used to chop away brush if in the jungle and can help to build temporary shelters. NO CHAINSAWS!!! Chainsaws are very heavy, very dangerous, and require you to carry fuel around with you. If you have to become mobile, you sure as heck don’t want to try carrying a gas can in one hand and the chainsaw in the other.

Firearms: Crossbow or Pistol
Contrary to popular belief, the automatic rifle, (AK, M4, or whatever you use) is also very inefficient for zombie killing. All need EXTENSIVE amounts of ammo that you need to carry around with you, which just takes up space for something like water or food. Zombies can be taken out easily with a well aimed pistol or crossbow shot. All the ammo is lightweight and easy to cary.

Fire, Poison, and others: ABSOLUTELY NOT NEEDED!!
The only thing worse than a zombie attack is a zombie on fire coming toward you because you were stupid enough to throw a molotov. The only explosives you could need in a tight situation would be a grenade. It can clear a pathway if you find yourself surrounded.


The best type of armor to use would be chain-mail/shark suit. Each are a lot more lightweight than full body armor, and can also provide the protection needed to fend off zombies. Note, this will not render you invincible as a zombie’s bite may not infect you, but they are still powerful enough to break bones, rip muscle, you get the idea.
Also, and this encludes girls AND boys, if a zombie outbreak occurs, immediately cut your hair. Zombies will do anything to infect you and can easily grab a stray lock of hair for the kill.


Shelter should be used sparingly as you have no idea of the condition of potential survivors. If you hear gunshots, don’t yell out, “DON’T WORRY, IM NOT A ZOMBIE!!!!,” besides making yourself look like a fool, you have also just attracted every zombie in a 500 yard radius to your position. The best shelter is a high one. If you have stairs, smash em’. If you find ladders, steal em’. Statistics show that 2 out of 10 zombies can climb a ladder, knowing this, if you ever see a ladder prop up against your base/home, kick it down. If its a human you kicked, you could always apologize when he climbs back up. If you kicked him into some zombies, well, sucks to be him.


The best type of transportation to use would be an old-fashioned bicycle. It’s great exercise, bound to keep you in shape, lightwieght, and almost silent. You don’t need a ton of zombies crowding around your house just because you revved your Harley’s engine too loud. Anything that requries gas is no good cuz, well, gas doesn’t last forever.

(Note: There is an actual, purchasable zombie survival guide that has more in-depth information than covered here.)

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It’s funny how yet the chainsaw is the most effective weapon in The Last Stand.

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Well, I said “Contrary to popular belief.” And i’m also stating this information if you plan to become mobile.
Also, in the last stand, your chainsaw magically automatically fills up with 99 seconds of gas when it runs out. I wish I had a chainsaw that could do that. =/

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Wow scapegoat, copy-paste ftw.

And what happens if you cut off the top of their heads?

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1) Recited all from memory

2) As long as you destroy the brain then it won’t be a threat anymore. Decapitation works, but the head will still be mobile and therefore, = biting you.

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I didn’t say decapitation, I meant cutting off the top of the head, where the brain sits. It’s not destroyed…

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I already posted this in the “zombies possible?” thread so here you go again.

It depends on the type of outbreak. If it was a traditional stupid walking dead outbreak I would take off, get a wepon perferably a hand gun (you dont need a machine gun when 1 bullet can do the job) and because It wouldn’t slow me down. Also I would grab the nearest member of the opposite sex and go have fun (no fat chicks though, that would slow me down too).

If it was a rage virus outbreak or the night stalker outbreak I would grab as many people as possible, get guns (big or small), and fight. No point in running away from something that wont care if its getting tired. The only thing that would make sense is fighting at daytime and hiding at night.

Although if everyone did die and im the only one left or impending doom is certanly on its way to my group I would not let them bite me. I would render myself useless to their dietary plans.

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You are probably right about the chainsaw, Scapegoat. I just find it funny that a few mentioned how bad it would be against zombies, yet it’s the most effective weapon in The Last Stand. :D

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repost = spam.

Anyway, there’s other opinions. Just because that’s yours, doesn’t mean it’s the best. Ryan and Scape make more sense.

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Oh, ok. Well, as long as where you hit actually hits the brain, the zombie will be dead. HOORAY FOR ZOMBIE KILLING!!!!

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repost = spam.

May I ask who was that adressed to? Im confused here. Me or ThemePark? We both “reposted”.