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a message to arcanecoder,slipstream and unproductive (locked)

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it is me swish27,judemavrick,arcadebomb,kazoowee,bodyboardingpro,swish272,areas i am going to continue to keep creating accounts and spamming this site untill you unbann swish27 and give him negative1000 post adn if you can makethe account negative level 20 with negavtive points that is all

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…Haven’t we gone through something similar with MrIndifferent (a.k.a. SpamManSam)? I’m pretty sure we have, except that this time he’s making demands.

Let me just say this, areas: You can’t win. The mods are more active than some of the regular users sometimes, and they’ve tackled tougher spammers than you, I’m sure.

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