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Want the music from RCT?

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Ok so i know you have always loved the RCT music ,its cool.Well here is how to get it in just music files:

1: Go to My Computer
2:Double Click the hard disk drive button.(C:)
3:Double Click Program Files
4:(Must have RCT 1, 2, or 3 installed for this step) Now double click on the “Atari” icon
5:Double Click the following icon
6:Now, double click “Data”

7:Lots of these files have the media player icon with the name.Most of these are music files, but some are not.In RCT 2 the names are cc1, cc2, cc3, ect…

Cc4 – cc17 are the main songs whitch are in te Merry Go round sound genre.cc17 is the main menu song.

Im not sure if this is the same for RCt 1 and 3 but im sure that everthing is the same all the way to step 6.

8:So now that you have these icons and tested everthing, you should have your favorates.Now make a new folder and name it whatever you want.
9:Right click each song you want and press copy,then paste to your new folder.Do this for all the songs you want.
10:Now, copy the new folder itself and paste it in your music folder in documents and settings, or paste it in any folder you want but dont keep it in the “Data” foler of RCT2 it might mess the game up.
11:Now that you have the seperate folder you can go a head and name each song as you desire.

Now you can transfer the songs to your MP3 player or CD.Some converting may be required.The music is in DAT type.

Im not sure if you have to convert to burn on a CD but for an MP3 player i think you do.I have a Zen Vision:M and DAT is not supported and neaither is it for Ipods or Irivers or Sansas, ect…

So enjoy your songs , and good luck!

, Punkrock1246

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