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Need money? Dont worry! Read this. (locked)

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There is simple way to earn money.

Follow these steps and read this topic before doing anything!

1.Register at or 2. register and put me (azmo) to your referral. 3. register there too and put me (azmo) again to your referral. 4. Now start clicking ads at, and refer your friends. You will get 0.01dollars per click as normal user of, and 0.01 per click from your referral. (I will get money, but i told you guys about this, didn’t I?) You can find more from the sites. 5.At adbux, you can receive more at once, there are ads and tasks to do. You can receive 0.01dollars from registering to a random site, or you can receive few dollars by registering. It depends on tasks. Find out more at the sites, and refer your friends to work! All macroers will get banned, multi accounts will get IP-banned and no credit. This is simple way to get money.

Thanks, and please don’t flame about my english, im not very good in it.

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Flame you for your English? I’m sure that’s not the first thing on my mind…