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Ok listen up, I saw the three topics made by Athene, And I understand that new people screw up, So all you retards out there being Grammar Cops And forum cops can go to hell because Every one hates people who snitch, so shut up or you can go to hell retards. Report me if you want but don’t report my son. He is a good boy who loves to have fun. Just because of the other jack ass’s that did that stupid topic that ‘ended badly’ Doesn’t mean that you need to screw with my sons fun.

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All members should respect each other and contribute positively to the community – that goes for you and your son as well.

I don’t see anything that merits such a harsh reaction from you and if indeed you are his father (as you claim which is highly doubtful), I don’t think making this topic sets an example for how to resolve things properly or how to get along well in an online community. If someone has wronged him according to the behavior guidelines, report them and an effort will be made to resolve it. Choosing the alternate route that involves telling others to ‘shut up’ and ‘go to hell retards’ puts you at a level far below those who responded to his topics and doesn’t seem to be the mature choice for a resolution.

Please consider your actions and attempt to resolve things more peacefully in the future. Athene is more than welcome to post here, but he will be responsible for what he posts as everyone else is.

All in all, I think this is a huge overreaction and floaton’s posts sums up the feelings this reaction invokes.

Edit: A post from you in another thread:

Crackhead88: Rofl noobs you all suck at life and you don’t get any attention at home so you look for it in this forum which is clearly retarded for all the cops on it, so you can all die, And Rawr or whatever, I hope you get hit by a truck but not die so I can laugh and whack you with a bat :-) nice day to you! :) jk man srrsly jk :(

I find it hard to believe there is an adult behind the keyboard of this account.

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he cant be the father he’s 18

and athene is 21 so this is just athene trying to work out his anger

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Thats essentially what I was thinking and I believe it since this is a quote from Athene:

Athene: Omg how many times has this been done?? you are ALL retards who think they are such genius’ that you come up with a way to shoot yourself. Btw, DIAF

Sound familiar?

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Yet whats funny is that I always pick a random age, I think I picked 1989 or something when really I’m 31 and I am Athene If you are all such retards not to figure it out. But I am unstoppable because I can keep on creating accounts Report me all you please bbut I will never leave* so diaf retards.

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If thats the type of person you want to be, so be it.