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Post jokes here, here’s a few ;).
Three knots are walking and they get tired so they go to a smoothie shop.
1st knot: “Can I have a smoothie?”
smoothie girl: “No”, “I don’t serve knots”.
2nd Knot: “Can I have a smoothie?”
smoothie girl: “No”, “I don’t serve knots”.
3rd Knot: “Can I have a Smoothie?”
smoothie girl: “Are you a knot?”
3rd Knot: “No I’m a frayed Knot”. (If you don’t get it, it sounds like “No I’m afraid not”

Why are black people so good at basketball? Anwser: Cuz they can all Run, Jump, And steal lol.

Why don’t mexicans BBQ? cuz the beans would fall through the grill!

Why don’t you ever see mexicans in the olympics? Cuz all of them that can run, swim, and throw rocks are over here! (USA)

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I think this thread has been done before:

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How do you fit 1,000 jews in a car? 2 in the front 3 in the back, and the rest in the ash tray.

My great great grandpa was in the holicost. How did he die? He fell off hitler’s gaurd tower! lol
What do you get when you cross a potatoe and hitler? A dick-tator

What’s the difference between a dead black guy on the rode and a dead dog on the road? there were skid marks infront of the dog’s corpse! rofl

What’s the difference between a black guy and a bucket of poop? the bucket!

Three construction workers are sitting on a metal peice next to a cliff during lunch break. the mexican says, “Man if i get another burrito in my lunch tomorrow I’ll jump off that clliff and kill myself.” The white guy says, " man If I get another hamburger in my lunch tomorrow I will jump off that cliff." The Hill Billy says " Man if’i get unuthuer ham und cheeze sandwich tomorrow Ill jump off that cliff right ther." the next day They all got the same thing They all jumped off the cliff and died. Then the three wives come. Mexican wife: Man If he said he didn’t want a burrito he should have said so. White Wife: Man If he would have said he didn’t want a hamburger I would have packed him somthing else. Hill Billy wife: Man I really don’t get it! He packs his own lunch!!

Never throw a rock at a mexicans bike, cause the bike is proboly yours!
edit Lol I know this has been done before, Yet these are actually funny and not like "Why does robin hood steal from the rich, cuz you cant steal from the poor! huhuuuhuhh no.