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This is for people who like games like D&D but don't wanna role dice. People who like World Of Warcraft but don't wanna waste the money. And for the hopeless people out there who are looking for a good laugh. Character template (Just highlight Ctrl+V and then Ctrl+C the Template) -Name: -Background: -Eye Color: -Hair Color: -Random Facts: -Equipment: -Skills: -Strength(s): -Weakness(es): (must be one for every strength) -Gender: -Language(s): -Race: -Other: Mine looks like this -Name:Bob the Beasty -Background: He was born in a small village where Orcs kidnapped him and trained him in the arts of butchery and Kung-Sumo. -Eye Color: Brown -Hair Color: Yellow (due to high pottasium) -Random Facts:He once won the Tri-Mountain Kung-Sumo contest being the first non-Orc to win -Equipment: A red headband, a katana, bronze knuckles, and a magic badge -Skills: Kung-Sumo, Butchery, cooking, and 5-hit strike. -Strength(s): Immune to the taunts of opponents, sword-fighting. -Weakness(es): Weak to banana swords (used by monkeymen), is squeamish. Gender: Male -Language(s): Orc, Common, Hungarian ghetto -Race: Human (convinced orc) -Other: allergic to bananas and Vitamin water.
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Bob was walking through a forest when he noticed he was being watched, by monkeys. They were bearing banana swords and throwing Hungarian Ghetto taunts. He chopped down a tree killing some monkeys. They swarmed him and he ran like a little girl scout who accidentally knocked on the wierd-guy-who-lives-down-the-street’s door.

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Suddenly he wandered into a strange town full of little things with sever frost bites on there noses. After a few minutes of jaw-dropped horror. He approaches one of them and asks where Ye Olde Bowling Alley is. The thing replied, “GAH the evil Dragonkey blew it up, a sad fate indeed…”. Your adventure begins here to kill the Dragonkey.

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Bob set off for fellow adventurers… a strange little Garden Gnome in the local pub agreed to join Bob if Bob could win a Kung-Sumo contest. After a short match Bob was accompanied by, Gornall the Attacker of Storshall, Gas for short.

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Name:Ugly the uglyface He was born in an egg and when his parents saw his face they threw him into the water and then he fell down a waterfall and was saved by spyro the dragon. he is now spyros bro. eye color- the color of poop after yoyu ate beans Hair color: some sort of mixture of lime green, blood red, and pee yellow. random facts: He is one of spyros secret weapons in the newest game still in making. he scares people off Equiptment: A bag on his head ( thank goodness ) Skills: scaring people Strengths: sheesh how many times do i have to tell you? HE SCARES PEOPLE OFF!!! Weaknesses : grooming tools and baths. Gender: nobody knows Language: english otherwise in the new spyro game people would know what he was saying Race: we think hes human but….. Other: Will run for his life at sight of bath.

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Well ugly was riding on spyros back when he looked down and saw through the holes in his bag there was some dudes talking about killing a dragon. worried and thinking it was spyro he then warned him. Spyro just said " LOLZ theyll never pwn me! " ( appearantly hes been on kongregate ) So here he comes flying down on bob and gas but then gas farted. and that was the end of spyro. Ugly is currently hiding in the shadows all alone cause an animal thinks hes his brother

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Bob comes across the cave of which Ugly was hiding. He kung-sumoed a rock onto Ugly pinning him to the ground. He asked if ugly wanted to join his party. Oh and he leveled up.

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Name:Demor the Half-Dragon
-Background:In his youth he stumbled upon an old dragon lair to find a cauldron upon drinking the liquid he transformed into a half-dragon.
-Eye Color: yellow in lizard shape
-Hair Color:silver-white
-Random Facts: is a natural blonde, male, and always liked dragons
-Equipment:red dagger, scales for skin leather armor, claws
-Skills:fire beathing, flying, dragon talk, clawing, and dragon magik
-Strength(s): flying, can handel xtreme heat
-Weakness(es):slow walking, cant handel cold too well
-Language(s):draconic, human
-Race:dragon/human hybrid
-Other:eats ’bout anything.

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the cave happens to be the lair where demor lives in. In his rage due to being misunderstood Demor is about to kill the two.

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Name:Slade the Shadow Ninja

Background: He trained with the greatest ninja in the world in the 5 elements of ninja; Speed, Stealth, Power, Agility anf Flexibility

Eve colour: Black

Hair colour: black

Random facts: none known

Equipment: Ninja sword and ninja robe and nano bombs to trap anything and a detanator and revive potions (can be used only then there are no enimies in the area

Skills: He’s a ninja, duh! But he can go invisible too!

Strengths: Stealth attacks, Strong versus large foes, Ultra-fast to react

Weaknesses: Charged attacks, Strong attacks, side attacks

Gender: Male

Languages: Human, japanese (XD) Orc, Animals

Other:Strenght is dramatically increased when one of his allies is down

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Shadow appears from the shadows (XD) and creeps up on Demor. When the is ultra close, he grabs him and puts his blade around his neck. He forces Demor to become loyal to him, and gives him a non-lethal cut to prove he means business. He then says to the other two, ‘you look pathetic and weak. You look like you need me.’ Shadow Ninja has joined party

Current party members:

Bob the Beasty

Ugly the uglyface

Slade the Shadow Ninja

Demor the Half-Dragon

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due to being captured Demor is forced to join the party

demor is now level 9
Demor learned to breathe fire

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No, your only lvl 1 so you go to lvl 2…? Duh!

Technically, i beat you, so i get to lvl up aswell

Character lvls:

Slade: lvl 2

Demor: lvl 2

Bob: lvl 2

Ugly: lvl 1

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okiees, main intro done, now for the main storyline.

All battles now will be like proper rpg battles, turnbased!

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(so, uhhhhh, whats the goal of our quest?)

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lol i was waiting 4 sumone to notice the level increase.

ok let me do the narrator thing…clears throte

ok…400(yea thats good)400 years ago…uhhhh…somtihng realy bad happened…(yea) really bad…and now you got to……do somthing about it… in a group….therell be like it(honest).

we got to kill……bad people!!! we will start low and work our way up so we are in a town (for some reason so…)so lets do something.

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So, were walking,, and we get to this grey town with grey people and grey speech bubbles. This guy ses ’things have been grey lately. Can you guys help us get colour back to our town please? The colourless demon has stole ou colour.
He has goons with differnet levels of power

green = easy bad guys
yellow is strong badguys
red baddies are super
blak guys are 1337

then theres the demon whos uultra super power strong. So, will you help?

(Do we accept the quesy? Y/n?

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Name: Vincent the Mage

Background: Born in a a city, he was trained by the local sorcerer in the art of magic. He led a happy life, until at the age of 16 his parents got burned alive by an evil dragon. Now, he is on a quest to slay that dragon.

Eve colour: Dark Green

Hair colour: Black

Random facts: He’s not very good at minor stuff. Like conjuring food and the such (for example, most of his food spontaniousel bursts into flame with a couple of minutes of appearing).

Equipment: Wand, magic dagger, levitation ring.

Skills: Can cast spells (cast flame, teleport, conjure food), operate levetation ring, and knows basic stabbing techniques.

Strengths: Fire based attacks, rage bonus VS fire dragons, can resist many spells.

Weaknesses: Phisical attacks, Water based attacks, some spells can be disrupted

Gender: Male

Languages: Human, demonic

Important to know: His dagger is weak, but gets 1000% bonus agains demons. Also, he cannot contol his teleport (at this level, atleast), and It’s rang is one mile. So using it, he will find himself within about a mile of where he was before, in some random dirrection.

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By the way guys, the local mage might be able to help. If you accept the quest, i’ll introduce you to him!

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how does this game work?

name: burritoboy

gender: maleburrito

random facts: secretly wished he was a kebab

skills: infinite magick in lieu of zero strength and low vitality.

equipment: tranny dress, fire ring (from captain planet), no under-garments and a fairy wand.

strengths: good healer, can resist the temptation of female flesh (but not male)

weaknesses: born-again christians, the republican party

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“how does this game work?”

That answer is:
Any way you want to. You make up a story, try to keep it relatively logical (level 1 mage can’t cast fireball the size of a city), and have fun.

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YAY SO IT SEEMS we shuld go on the mission. we got martial arts, scary people, half man, ninja, and mage, last is a priest

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Just out of curiosity: have I been introduced to yu yet? Or am I waiting for you to get the mission?

In the former case, please, someone make everyon meet.

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so, the story has been introuced, main characters set, and storyline made!

‘Now’ says the man.‘Let me introduce your party to the local mage and his assistant mage.’ The man leads us to a tall building. As we enter, we feel a magical force around us.

‘This is the mage we introduse you to, guys!’ he says, with a bow as though to say “go on, talk to him”

‘Hello!’ Says Ugly the uglyface.

‘Hi!’ Says vincent.‘this is my assistant, burritoboy!’

‘Uh, hi.’ He says in a shy voice

Vincent and burrito has joined the party

Current party members and lvls

(levels reset due to new players and levels being under lvl 3)

Bob the beasty level 1

Ugly the Uglyface level 1

Demor the Half-Dragon level 1

Slade the Shadow Ninja level 1

Vincent the Mage level 1

Burritoboy the mage level 1

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Slade’s speech section:

So, we’re walking out of the town when we suddenly find a simple red goon.

‘Watch this!’ I say, as I walk toward him (unseen)

As he starts to turn around, I turn invisible.When I’m right infront of him, I kick him in the jaw, knocking him to the floor. I then fordward flip onto his stomach, purposely landing heavely. I grab his skull with my feet and backflip, letting him go at the peak of the flip. As he starts to land, I turn around and throw my sword stylishly. It stabs him right in the head. I flip over, take my sword, and flip back to my previous position.

‘Heh’ I say, as I loot his gold and walk back to the group.