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[game over] Wild West Mafia! Night 3! (locked)

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*As the crack of dawn hits the large western town of Duststone, alarming news quickly spreads.

“The bandits have escaped prison! They’ve killed the deputy!”

Although the bandits have escaped prison, no one has yet seen anyone leave the town. It appears that the bandits are planning to stay.

All the suspects in the town are rounded up in the county court, all attempting pass blame onto each other and find the true scum, so to escape trouble.*

Yes, it is another Mafia! Excellent!

Usual rules, go here for help in roles.

Roles I’m hoping to have:

Townperson: Townie

Bandit: Mafia

Sheriff: Cop

And, if I manage to get over 20 people to join, I will add a:

Medicine Man: Doctor

Gunslinger: Vigilante

…and there may be more roles out there too. ;)

Sign ups:

1. aenh — Outsider, hanged Day 2.

2. TheDarkFlame

3. nerdrock101 — Townsperson, killed Night 2 by the Bandits.

4. unproductive — Bandit, killed Night 2 by the Gunslinger.

5. ace1217

6. SevereFlame — Townsperson, killed Night 1 by the Bandits.

7. marh

8. crazycruiser

9. emorider666 — Townsperson, killed Night 0 by the Gunslinger.

10. Henry — Doctor, killed Day 3 by his fellow Townspeople.

11. chitown15 — Voluntarily Modkilled.

12. kirbyviper93

13. ppl104

14. walfordking — Bandit, hanged Day 1.

15. AntB

16. StaggerLee — New Deputy, killed Night 0 by the Bandits.

17. Belthazar666

18. mistress17

19. miniwally

20. bugamn

21. Milskidasith

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I’ll sign up.

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sign-up ftw.

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Well, it appears as if the alien one is ending, so sign me up!

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I want to be the psycho… or mafia… or vigilante… or anything but a pointless Townie.

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yeah okay

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Signed. I can’t stand watching the other mafia threads.

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I’ve just had a thought: PLEASE don’t have a “omg hang me” role.

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I’ve just had a thought: PLEASE don’t have a “omg hang me!” role.

I was tinkering with the idea of the Joker, but it seems unlikely that I will actually put one in. I’d mostly just have it to start the game of, which is a tough time for all new mafia games.

Edit: I promise that there will be no Jokers. Looking at some games that had them has changed any idea of using one.

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Well, joker games make everyone act retarded. You’ve seen teh effects, I’m sure.

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Sure, I’ll sign up.

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signing up mafia rulez!!!!

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Emorider – you’ll be playing with Kong members who play mafia constantly, I hope you’re A) good or B) learn fast.

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Wow. 10 sign ups in 2 hours. My game is popular! Anyways, I’m letting in a maximum of 25 people, so only 15 places left.

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Chitown15 applies

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SIGNS Alien Invasion will be over soon, I’ll need something to keep me occupied.

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I will sign up.

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I’ll sign up as well. Don’t forget my medieval mafia.

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grrrr, beaten to it again..


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signup, pardner. Or something.

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Signs up

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Mistress Signs Up

I call Princess! Fair maiden in distress ftw!!! :P