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My friends were saying that
and my mini city in general are widely hated. I wanted to find out from the public about why you hate and my mini city. I find my mini city very amusing and cool so why do people hate it. On another site I titled a post
“My Mini City” and it got 876 replies and 390,000 views. About 5 people were posting something at the same exact time killing the thread. The site crashed and it was my fault : )
99% of the replies said that it sucks but no one gave me an explanation. That is why
i am asking you, why does everyone hate it!

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Its spamming, Its pointless, It gets bigger when a new person comes, WOWIE! What do you prove?
Gloat that you spam the most?

> The site crashed and it was my fault : )

Your happy about that? on a site that gives 390 000 views, Even for a spam topic? You shall have this computer traced and e dragged into a street and shot.

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You already created this thread, had the question answered and then staff locked it.

You know there is a thread for MiniCities and that you are supposed to post in there. Do not continue to spam MiniCities or recreate threads you had locked. Game comments are for comments about the games, not for you to post links for click harvesters. We also don’t want to see the forums spammed up with it. One thread is more than enough.

People don’t necessarily hate MiniCities, they hate spam. People like you have made others dislike seeing “Minicity” because of how much you’ve all have spammed it.