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You cannot make an attack 2 times in a row, you must wait for another post. No God-Like abilities glares at MrCredsAlex. You MUST be one of the following races: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Orc, Troll, or Fairy. You don’t need to fill anything out, just state what race and class your character is on each attack. Classes: Warrior, Rogue, Archer, and Mage. I will throw in some NPCs controlled by me that you must work together to destroy. I will tell you if you hit a critical. The game will be constantly updated, if you have any suggestions post them as a shout on my user page.

On each attack post how many attacks you have made. At a certain number of attacks I will notify you that you can level up. At each level up you may recieve a class branch, a special power, or a new piece of equipment( each from a list I provide). You may attack the person before you or after you, not both. The damage for each weapon is in “[ ]”’s next to its name.

On each attack you regain 10 EP and 10 MP, if you use an Energy Drain (ED) or Mana Drain (MD) you do not recover either.

Warrior starting: 300 HP 200 EP 100 MP
equipment: Copper Longsword 15 , Copper Buckler, Leather Body and Chaps, Copper Full Helm.
Special powers: Double slice (ED); Energy Drain 50, 2 attacks.

Rogue starting: 200 HP 200 EP 200 MP
equipment: Copper dagger 5, Silk robes.
Special powers: poison (P); passive, 20 extra damage over 6 attacks.

Mage starting: 100 HP 200 EP 300 MP
equipment: Pine Staff of ice, fire, or thunder,20 spellbook (20).
Special powers: Avoid damage (MD); Mana Drain 50, Magically shield yourself from an attack use it as a post on the post after the attacker. (You can use this as well and attack on the same turn.).

Archer starting: 200 HP 200 EP 200 MP
equipment: Longbow 10, 10 arrows.
Special powers: Fletch arrows (S); skill, create 10 extra arrows.

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Man 10 HP

Starting enemy.

attack: Punch 1
special: flee

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Ok fine…

275 HP/ poisoned

attacks: 1
Class/race: Warrior/ Orc
-Attacks with copper longsword
-Deals 15 damage
-Kills man

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Just to make a further example I will now attack using another character, normally this is unacceptable and you would have to wait for someone to attack you to attack again.

Attacks: 1
Class/ race: Rogue/ gnome
-attacks CD (copper dagger, feel free to abbreviate the weapon name, we will know what it is)
-deals 5 damage
-poisons Gorguss

Gorguss’ player must now change his HP to 275, and add Poison as a status effect. Every time Gorguss attacks now, another 20 HP is drained due to poison.

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glares at MrCredsAlex

I can do that. I’m very special. We all know why, don’t we?

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Name: Retronis – The second in command of the universe (only MrcredsAlex is stronger.)

Race: God

Class: God

Starting Health Points: Infinite

Staring Energy Drain: Infinite

Staring Mana Drain: Infinite

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Maybe you didn’t read the rules, don’t fill anything out, use what i provide, and no godlikeness.

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You are not allowed to participate I am sorry. Unless of course you play by the rules. And just so you know infinity goes negative without limit as well. Also it is Health Points, Energy Points, Mana Points, the drains just temporarily lower those…

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warrior seems really imbalenced right now. He outdamages the rogue, spiking or constant.

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I think the idea is that the rouge attacks he poisons which does 20 damage each post, not over 6 posts. Which means that the rouge’s probably do the most damage. But its still not very clear about it in the OP. And in the example the fighter took 15 from the rouge when he should have only taken 5(or healed three if armor applies). Why would anyone be a mage? Their damage doesn’t even come close to making up for their HP unless they get uber roleplaying bonuses. Hmm

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He doesn’t overpower rogue, rogues deal more damage but over time, Archer’s will develop better abilities later, and mages Will unlock spells the more they attack.

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Oh i am sorry, i forgot about the armors, Let me fix that, that was from an idea i though i deleted from the thread it will have an effect later unlocked after leveling up.

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Sulfuras hunches over the festering corpse of an unnamed Man. He draws a five and a half sided shape around it with his frostbitten staff and begins a chant from his flesh-bound Grimoire. Frost trickles out of the Pentinahalfacle splitting the ground and freezing everything around it. The chanting gets slower, and slower time stretching out like molten rubber until the gutteral noise is slow enough to hurt the ears but yet be backround noise. He stops his chant. A geyser of blood shoots from the frozen body and solidifies then disappears in the air. Sulfuras shuts his spellbook with exaggerated slowness, each inch taking longer the the last, the strain apparent in his face. Finally the book closes. And Gorguss’s head explodes.

300 damage to Gorguss

Sulfuras – Troll Mage.
100 HP
150 EP
300 MP
1 XP

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Ok if you guys are ready to play, you can not attack other players for now.

Goblin HP 60

A gruesome creature that has emerged from the hellish depths of the earth.

attack: Spear 5 special: N/A

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Sweet description but I am changing it to an RPG, I was writing the post right before this one when you posted. You should write a D&D book. Oh and you cannot deal 300 damage anyway. Lol, although with that description, hmmm….

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I believe I was promised madd roleplaying damage bonueses. “Uber” was the term I heard used.

edit: Oh come on, don’t steal my avatar… that’d make me all sad ’n stuff…

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Gnome rogue for the win!