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Comment Sticky: Official/Commonly used Threads Masterthread (Read before making a thread!) last 388 125,630 Jul 14, 2014 11:45am
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Lock Sticky: Quality Threads: Dos and Don'ts 1 16,594 Feb 13, 2014 7:00pm
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Lock Sticky: OT Guidelines (edited again for +15 excellence) 12 18,060 Dec 26, 2013 10:48am
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Lock Sticky: Updated Mod Contact Info 1 13,872 Sep 28, 2011 8:23am
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Comment Rolby Game of Thrones Characters 16 501 1 minute ago
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Comment If you started a street gang with your homies, what would you name it? 13 101 1 minute ago
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Comment I GOT A VIDEO OF BOOMIBOM 5 58 46 minutes ago
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Comment Do you like raisins in your cookies? 23 161 55 minutes ago
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Comment Rate the song above you. V.2 last 9569 191,004 2 hours ago
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Comment >mfw come back to OT after a few days 14 164 2 hours ago
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Comment OT's Official Tinychat Thread (OOTT) last 5717 134,729 2 hours ago
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Comment Digimon VS Pokemon: The Truth (On my opinion) 7 80 2 hours ago
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Comment Are WEBCAMS dangourous? 14 159 2 hours ago
Comment What Does Your Username Mean? last 115 1,572 3 hours ago
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Lock Images that will make your day! 7 39 3 hours ago
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Comment Who's That OTer?! last 74 914 4 hours ago
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Comment What's this forum about? 17 114 5 hours ago
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Comment When you feel like you've done something incredibly stupid... 8 75 5 hours ago
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Comment How to get Points?? 20 179 6 hours ago
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Comment Official PokemonShowdown Battle/video thread! last 29 293 9 hours ago
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Comment Good times in TC last 828 27,348 10 hours ago
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Comment What's new, OT? last 1751 36,030 10 hours ago
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Comment I don't even like aguspal but why the fuck does he always pick me for shit like this 5 72 10 hours ago
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Comment rate my battlestation 6 58 11 hours ago
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Comment Do you think George zimmerman is a celeberty 14 199 11 hours ago
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