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Comment FNAF series SUCKS. (Five Nights at Freddies) last 60 2,373 12 hours ago
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Lock Requote! 11 97 13 hours ago
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Comment Inspect Element last 28 315 13 hours ago
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Comment Best Vampire Movie You've Ever Seen? last 26 164 13 hours ago
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Lock Spiderprostitute, 5 70 13 hours ago
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Comment Comebacks for when someone calls you short 23 220 14 hours ago
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Comment I am training an amiibo... by doing absolutely nothing last 35 222 16 hours ago
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Comment A counterargument to Windows 10 haters last 27 215 16 hours ago
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Comment What part of an inverse tangent approaching an asymptote don't you understand? last 35 9,616 16 hours ago
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Comment Current copyright laws are moronic and suffocate creativity 13 75 17 hours ago
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Comment Post the first URL that comes up when you type a letter into the address bar last 69 6,338 17 hours ago
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Comment smilys! last 34 834 17 hours ago
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Comment Hi last 81 647 18 hours ago
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Comment A Song For The User Above You 12 77 18 hours ago
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Comment If only 7 78 18 hours ago
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Comment The greatest video game villain 12 94 18 hours ago
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Comment Make out with one family member 25 230 19 hours ago
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Comment Tables 12 94 19 hours ago
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Comment New Zealand Pride Thread 13 154 19 hours ago
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Comment is 3$ too much for a taco? if not what would be your price limit for a taco last 31 261 22 hours ago
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Lock Spiderprostitute EXPOSED last 59 729 22 hours ago
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Comment OTNews- Your #1 Place to Find All the Latest News on OT 8 66 23 hours ago
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Comment Rate this Gif 17 128 24 hours ago
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Comment What makes Pixels such a bad movie? 11 131 1 day ago
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Comment Who is the off-topic king? 14 157 1 day ago
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