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Comment I had my first (expletive) experience with a female (Rendered IceBomb Thread) last 38 498 19 hours ago
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Lock GO TO KONGREGATION TC NOW 4 63 19 hours ago
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Comment Fairy Face-Off Online Competition 2 35 20 hours ago
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Comment What is the most devastated game forum? 7 89 20 hours ago
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Comment so i might light myself on fire soon 7 74 20 hours ago
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Comment Peaches or Strawberries? last 26 563 20 hours ago
by OceanShores view
Comment What soul will you eat. 9 81 21 hours ago
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Comment Have you ever lied and said someones cooking is good when its not? 11 50 21 hours ago
by CowFriend view
Comment Favorite Taco Bell meal 14 90 21 hours ago
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Comment Only eat one food for the rest of you life last 53 422 21 hours ago
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Comment When you go to bed... last 26 238 22 hours ago
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Comment If you lose but try the best you could and had fun, that makes you a winner? 19 124 22 hours ago
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Comment South Park vs Simpsons last 71 4,140 1 day ago
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Comment Why do people want pokemon to be real? Think of the results 24 159 1 day ago
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Lock new copypasta (MAKE SURE ZAMININC READS THIS) 3 48 1 day ago
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Comment So i just bought my dream car lol 17 175 1 day ago
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Comment berries 3 38 1 day ago
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Comment What are situations where the villain wins?? 24 161 1 day ago
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Comment how do i cook microwave popcorn without any leftover seeds and without any burnt popcorn? 17 515 1 day ago
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Comment Hotdogs 8 374 1 day ago
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Comment What food taste good dipped in milk 22 169 1 day ago
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Comment What's new, OT? last 1823 38,242 1 day ago
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Comment Why do people smoke? last 47 417 2 days ago
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Comment When will you stop posting after a number of posts? last 35 659 2 days ago
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Comment 7 572 2 days ago
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