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Comment FZ guy invited me to his b-day this yr 9 117 1 day ago
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Comment How Fucked up the Pokemon Community is. last 26 257 1 day ago
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Comment DAILY REMINDER: 4TH OF JULY GUIDE 17 125 1 day ago
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Lock AGUSPAL YOU CLASSIK TROL 1 28 1 day ago
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Lock Story and everything else annousement (im not telling you.) 10 115 1 day ago
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Lock Note to Uzzbuzz 5 80 1 day ago
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Lock [THREAD:UBERMODDED_RAW_DATA] 1 25 1 day ago
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Comment Terraria 1.3 is out now. last 59 526 1 day ago
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Comment The OFFICIAL Shotguns appreciation thread 14 95 1 day ago
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Comment Off-Topic's "What's That Title" Thread! 25 629 1 day ago
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Comment 8Bit Music Channel - Posting Periodically last 1357 504,581 1 day ago
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Comment Are you pumped for Doom 4 ? 12 101 1 day ago
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Comment Petition to ban all petitions 22 183 1 day ago
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Lock Admins, if you don't like it when I spam 4 71 1 day ago
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Comment BEST OR HOTTEST (in your own opinion)OTer? last 123 1,124 1 day ago
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Comment Real life stuff that you learnt from videogames last 50 383 1 day ago
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Comment Wanted: new kong gf last 57 462 1 day ago
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Comment Is Hamuka the smartest kid in OT ? last 47 416 1 day ago
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Comment When are feminists going to actually help women? 5 63 1 day ago
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Comment Youtube/Video Links Masterthread last 4737 179,807 1 day ago
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Comment who agrees? 18 126 1 day ago
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Comment I have a very important question for all of you 6 50 1 day ago
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Comment What do you think that the most difficult video game is???? last 33 252 1 day ago
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Comment Weekly sale on G2A 2 27 2 days ago
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Comment Uhficial Pun Thread 13 111 2 days ago
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