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Kongregate is not /b/ (locked)

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This is not /b/. Stop treating it as such. There are plenty of imageboards out there where you can motivate each other to your heart’s content—do not do it here. Creators of motivate-me, /b/-or-chan-related or you-laugh-you-lose threads will receive silences and the threads will be locked. While these threads can be harmless they have been given many chances and have always ended up inappropriate and offensive.

While I know you may think your extensive knowledge of memes will help you garner attention from the opposite gender, please keep it off the forums. We know you liek mudkipz, want to invite us to have a seat over there and have a fondness for a certain redhead. Some of us do too. There are places out there in the great wild of the internet that are dedicated to the worship of such topics. Please use them.

“Off-Topic” does not mean there are no rules. The same rules that apply to the rest of the site apply here too. Please read the behavior guidelines to figure out what those are.