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Recently there have been an increase in the number of complaints about this forum. Some feel that this forum is turning into spammer land, instead of a real place for discussion; while others are happy to post anything here.

I’ve put this thread up to open discussion about what you feel should and shouldn’t be here.
   ▪ What is ‘off-topic’ and what is ‘spam’?
   ▪ What should be locked and what should be allowed?
I’ve said before that I’m keenly interested in what the community feels about this.

Let me start off by saying normally I dont mind a lot of stuff. I’ve had a lot of requests to close threads that I didnt mind staying open. A lot of those I left open, only to have them end up needing to be closed later. Usually, this is not a big deal.

However, one of the problems I’ve seen occur is that off topic posting tends to spread to other forums. Those who post predominantly in this forum will stray to the other forums, only to post things that have nothing to do with the thread. This then attracts other posters going off topic, in effect hijacking the original posters thread. An example of this would be something like:

bq. Hey I’m having problems with chat/games

I know nothing about this

Neither do I!

You used to many exclamation posts.

Learn to format.

That reminds me of my hard drive problems

Additionally, what can happen is someone will create a thread with a valid discussion here, only to have it buried under one of our umpteenth hurt/heal games or similar topics – since those are easier to bump that a topic that actually requires some thinking. At the same time, we dont want to close down every thread thats created, since that defeats the purpose of a forum, particularly an off-topic one.

   ▪ So, where do we draw the line to make the majority as happy as possible and show that Kongregate has an attractive community?
   ▪ How ‘off-topic’ can we go?
   ▪ Should this forum be a ‘spammer land’? What threads here do you find unacceptable?


Let me conclude by saying that overall, Kongregate has a great community and these issues are really minor, especially compared to most other online communities. This is just a way to make sure we stay a good community.

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I think the hurt/heal games should be allowed, but only one of them. I think that Find the Thread has gotten kind of dumb right now (sorry ketchup) and should be closed, it has no real point. There is no real point to the hurt/heal games either, in fact sometimes they counter-act a good community. I know a few people who have gotten their feelings hurt over it.

I also think that it has become a spammers forum. For instance, is there any real need for The Spammer Award topic? It may even spur on 2nd place to spam more.

I love off-topic forums, but I think it has become a Spam city.

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I agree with cruiser. I don’t like the number of forum games we have here in this section. I think a new forum should be made that is solely for Forum Games. In reply to the “how off-topic can we go?” question, I think that you should try to stay as close to the topic as possible. Say, for instance:

Topic: Wii Games

You completed Zelda yet? I’ve got up to before Snowpeak, but I don’t know how to get any further. Do you think you could help?

No. I’m not that far yet. My brother won’t get off it from morning till night.

Yeah. My brother does that all the time. It’s hard to find a gap…

I think the end of that should be the extremity of going off-topic. After that, people should talk either about, for the instance above, another game, or the game in question.

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I think a new forum should be made that is solely for Forum Games

Yeah, I’ve already requested that but haven’t got a real response or action, so for the sake of discussion lets presume we aren’t going to get one for awhile.

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First off, I find it a tad ridiculous, not that this thread was made but that it actually had to be made in the first place.

The description for the Off-Topic sub-forum: “Talk about anything here. Well, almost anything… our behavior guidelines still apply.”

Off-topic means in most forums to talk about stuff that does not belong in other parts of the forum, but it allows you to talk about anything you want, as long as you behave. That is not the case in this forum. Here people are very hostile against many of the off-topic threads that are created. Judging from the hostility, you’d think people wanted to have rules added to what you could and could not post about, even in Off-Topic.

Sure, spam topics should not be allowed, not even in Off-Topic. I haven’t seen the Spammer Award thread, but obviously that sounds like one of those topics. But other than that, why shouldn’t anything go? Have any of you who often complain about the subjects in Off-Topic ever looked at other forums? Personally I’m registred at many game websites myself, and I’ve never seen any problems with the Off Topic threads on those sites. Why? Because people are not there telling you what you should and should not post. As long as you follow the rules, anything goes. And that hasn’t hurt said websites.

I know, that those who have often posted about the subjects in Off-Topic, that it is only their opinion. But likewise, this is only my opinion about the subject at hand.

Let’s try to make a forum where people actually feel welcome and free to talk about what they have on mind, instead of being forced into strait jackets from the very first day they visit the forums.

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You used too many exclamation posts.

Corrected :P

To be happy, we shouldn’t spam or go off-topic waaay too much.

To me: It means General Discussion so it should be anything besides spam or hate topics.

Spammer Land, no no. Anything that’s spam.

Some threads like “The Baconators” aren’t really spam. They’re just discussing about bacon and stuff. It’s mainly like a chat thread.

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Well, I think that there should be more sub-forums in the off topic forum. e.g. Forum Games, for people to play the games, a Debating one for people who want to debate, and a General Discussion, for just chat threads and stuff.

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@powerpuffboy: Dont post if you dont have an opinion to share other than “wtf”.

bq. Corrected :P

Its a hypothetical quote jude, stay on topic.

bq. To me: It means General Discussion so it should be anything besides spam or hate topics.

Define “spam”. We obviously know spam shouldnt be allowed, but this discussion is about what is spam and what isnt. Where is the line drawn.

Is everything in off-topic forum acceptable, or are there threads there that should be considered spam?

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I think a spam topic should be defined as something which no-one (other than the creator) has any particular interest in, and to which it is virtually impossible to post a relevant, thought-out reply which contributes to the ‘topic’.

Spam thread:

Hey guys look at this new bike I got today (+ pic)

You couldn’t possibly contribute to a thread like that in a meaningful way. No questions are being asked, no discussion is being provoked, it’s just a statement.

Not spam:

I got a new bike today. Has anyone got any cool ideas of places to go biking?

This isn’t spam because it provokes a discussion, which is interesting to read and to contribute to.

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I agree with editundo, I believe that spam is something not related to the original topic in which nobody else has particular interest in; like a “shout-out” ,“noob bragz”, or like powerpuffboy’s “wtf insult”. Also, the topics that are just a statement or nowhere remotely close to trying to start a Discussion that would be beneficial to Kong users. That’s what i got to say bout that.

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Good points.

How about ‘boredom’ threads or threads like the 1000 post thread that are random discussions?

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I think there shold be 1 and only 1 random spam thread, as everyone gets the urge sometimes. Other than that they should be locked etc. Also, 1111 for arcane!

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threads like the 1000 post thread that are random discussions

That thread doesn’t seem like much of a discussion to me, and it’s not particularly entertaining or interesting to read. I personally would call it spam.

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Define “spam”. We obviously know spam shouldnt be allowed, but this discussion is about what is spam and what isnt. Where is the line drawn.

Spam are from the obvious “lol, i pwn u n00b” to the complicated talk what editundo said.

The 1,000 posts thread is the same thing as the Kongregate Debate team – Debating, discussing etc. so anything that’s a duplicate to me is a definite spam.

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i don’t believe that because its kinda a game to reach 1000 posts

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i don’t believe that because its kinda a game to reach 1000 posts

A.K.A spam.

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i think the 1000 post thread should be locked it makes me want to spam!

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But I am trying to have a conversation, if you look, the topic changes every 25 posts or so.

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same with the debate thread! they are the same thing. the boredem thingy should go too

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And the 1000 Post Thread may be sorta the same concept as the debate thread, but why can we not have more than one debate going on at once?

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more than one debate would be very nice

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The debate thread is an organized thread where people have a conversation, while maintaining order throughout the thread. Is that correct? Is that why it is considered not spam?

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The debate thread is a good example of what is not spam. Its quite a constructive and organized discussion. The 1000 post thread doesn’t really compare.

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Yes, ok how about the riddle thread, it is an organized thread with rules