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Final Kongregation: The Mafia Game: END GAME: Mster, the Denialer, has won the game. Denialer wins! page 14

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Hmm… So we used to be 26 people, than 2 died, and now we are 27! Interesting…

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25 people playing, 12 needed to lynch

NinjaCow Votes: 1 (Rednsake47_)

Dorham Votes: 4 (JudeMaverick,turnoverman,sprint45,Yemp_)

DeadlyMan Votes: 2 (

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ill change my vote to dorham

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26-2=24. Not 25.

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the 26 might have been wrong in the first place…


same reason as before.

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Its mistress17 and chitown15.

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Hyper Eric Comes Out Of Nowhere And Turns Back To eric_98 I Think It’s Going To Be Fun I’ll Apply :)

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Just asking, why does everyone hate dorham, he seems to want to help us ?

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Pereking, nobody died in the night, so STFU

Oh wait, mistress quit. sorry bout that.

Eric, the game is already started.

24 people playing, 12 needed to lynch

Dorham Votes: 5 (JudeMaverick,turnoverman,sprint45,Yemp,redsnake47_)

DeadlyMan Votes: 3 (_Pereking,Chitown17,Dorham

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i vote turnoverman

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You’re 24 hours are up.

The town went to the speaking pole. The God arrived. The town had noticed Dorham’s slip up, and wanted him to die. The God went to kill Dorham, but he shook his head as he went.

Dorham was standing in the bathroom, doing laundry. There was a crack on the toilet Dorham was unaware of. Drips of water spilled out. Dorham accidentally banged his foot on the toiler. The crack widened. “Son of a…” Dorham said. The water didn’t drip anymore, it spilled. Dorham went back to do laundry. He almost did too. Dorham slipped on the water, his neck went into a cord that he hung his laundry from. He fell in the tub. The cord wrapped tightly around Dorham’s neck. He began to choke. It was a horrid sight. His skin became blue and the blood vessels in his eye began to pop, leaving his eyes bloodshot. He was dangling in the tub, choking, trying so hard to escape. His eye caught sight of a small pair of scissors. He reached toward it. The cord pulled him back, choking him more. He reached, and his hand finally grabbed hold of the scissors. He almost made it,too. He accidentally reached far again. The cord pulled him back, and his hand pushed the scissors down to the floor. His last thought was “I knew it… I knew that this trip will be the death of me….”

Dorham, a mistaken townie, is dead. He died from suffocation.

Mistaken () A townie that cannot be killed by Death because he is not a survivor.

Soon, all of town knew. Sprint dove into a scream. The town looked at him. “YOU DEMONS! YOU KILLED AN INNOCENT PERSON!!! YOU’RE ALL MAFIA! YOU’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!” he screamed. He pulled a gun and put it next to his head “And…and… AND YOU’RE TAKING ME WITH YOOOOOU!!!!!!”. He fired.

Sprint45_45, the suicidal townie, is dead.

Suicidal Townie (
)- If a townie is lynched, he kills himself


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awsome, i killed myself trying to not seem suspicious

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oh.. i see why he was voting no lynch haha

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Turnoverman knew that he was going to be killed. He pondered why Smigbob was killed first though… he pondered and pondered. The bell rang. He opened the door and saw the Denialer….


Turnoverman, the normal townie, has died from murder.

The town gathered around turnoverman. Turnoverman was a great and smart citizen…. some of them even cried. Suddenly, a gigantic thunderbolt was struck to the ground. Everybody rushed to the scene. There, they found a bunch of incinerated bodies…

Phatcat, the mugger, has died from inactivity.

Malachi, a minion, has died from inactivity

TehLegend, a minion, has died from inactivity.

Crazyazn, the Sacrificer, has died from inactivity

DarthNader, a minion, has died from inactivity.

monkyboy9, the Day Avenger, has died from inactivity

JudeMaverick, the Jester, has died from inactivity

NinjaCow, the Crazy Cop, has died from inactivity

bac0n, the Cop, has died from inactivity

LeftRight, the Princess (lol), has died from inactivity

Role Explanations:

Mugger (-)- Chooses one person to mug each night, mugged person’s night actions are cancelled and next day actions are also cancelled (including posting)

Sacrificer() Picks one person per night,if that person is picked by Death then the Sacrificer will die instead.

Day Avenger (
)- If lynched, kills first person to vote for him

Jester (?)- If lynched,wins the game.

Crazy Cop() A cop,but 50% of the time his results will be wrong

Princess (
)- If killed,then the entire next day is skipped (funeral)

The town had no day actions because they were attending LeftRight’s (the princess) funeral.


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The town had no night actions

*The town had no day actions

You know, when I read my death description, I kept thinking I have a chance of surviving…..

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Hah. Curses Dorham. I noticed that I accidentally wrote Night actions but I forgot to fix it. Typo fixed.

Yeah, so did I when I watched Tod’s death scene in Final Destination.

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Shush, it’s nighttime.

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I missed one (technical) day and I am dead from inactivity? Sheesh. S’bad enough ending up a princess. I would like you all to remember me as the person who died by having a wire fence blow outwards and cut me in to several pieces.

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HOW CAN I BE DEAD?!?!??!?!?! And, you killed the forums.

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LOL, Just a few technical things… How is JM dead even though he posted on lynching someone the day before the funeral?

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shush it’s night (and we want the jester to die, even though we’re dead, we win if the town wins)

and what you mean by “you killed the forums”?

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Left, when were you active? NinjaCow, this is only the SECOND time you’ve posted here, and I never saw you after you applied. JM was inactive, until the end.

The Denialer was on a roll. He knew who he was going to kill. He saw Yemp’s medical reports. Too much physic energy. Yemp was walking out of his house. Yemp knew he was doomed. He had a premonition that the Denialer would kill him. He rushed toward the town, because he knew who the person that would kill him was. The Denialer stepped out of the shadows. “I knew it” pondered Yemp. Boom.

Yemp, the premonitionist, has died from murder.

Premonitionist (+) The one who saved all the townies,but everyone forgot who you are. Can get one of SevereFlame’s notes each night. If no notes Premonition is cancelled

It is now Day 6. Go lynch

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maybe if I get lynched someone can tell me what my role is, lynch me next.

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Severe, you’re the GM, take a look.

Edit: Sorry. I meant to say, “Day Three”