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Quoting Inappropriate Posts: A reminder (locked)

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In the past few days, a few users have taken to posting links to sites containing images or videos designed to shock users (“Shock sites”. You all should know what they are by now).

I’d like to preface this reminder with the following warning: Users found posting such content will be weekbanned without warning. There will be no compromise here.

That is, of course, fairly obvious. However, other posters have starting quoting the offending posts, and making some sort of comment about them. This is not, under any circumstances, acceptable behavior, and users found in violation of this may or may not be warned before being silenced (it depends on the magnitude of the infraction).

If you see someone posting inappropriate content, report it and do not post, especially not to quote the offending post. Let the thread sink to the bottom so that the forum mods can deal with it in a timely fashion, without having to clean up dozens of quotes containing the objectionable material.

By allowing these threads to die, you will be making forum modding easier and (hopefully) protecting those fortunate few who have not been exposed to this garbage from an untimely scarring. But more to the point, you will also be protecting yourself from disciplinary action.

So, when you see someone post a link, to, say, DO NOT QUOTE THE POST, OR INDEED POST AT ALL. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Bump ‘cause some of y’all need reminding, it seems. Remember, browser hijacking rickrolls count.

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Much needed.
A NOTE: I just felt like editing this to say… inb4lock. >:D