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aside from placing the region in the applicants page, (using the starter dungeon for reference) please also place this next to members on the member’s page.

I’d also like to suggest to have a button next to members AND applicants name that links to mailing them. as it is, the ingame mailing system is an enormous hassle to use.

If this is implemented, please also allow (if enabled in privileges) for mass-messaging alliance members. basically all of them recieving the message.
however, please put a tickbox system aswell: a tickbox next to each persons name, which can be selected (again, using the mass message privilege) to send messages to.
this way one could send a message to, say, everyone in a specific region, or everyone with a specific rank, etc. IMO this should only be possible inside alliances to prevent abuse.

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We definitely plan on expanding Alliance features, and these would be great to add when we do that. Currently, our message system’s limitations prevent us from mass messaging. This is also why we don’t use it to contact players. However, we do want to offer better capabilities for Alliances for communication and management.

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Already 5/5, 10/5 if you add this ;)