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Originally posted by BLACKIRONWILL:

Wow, Iron u r really late in the news, LOL

Thing is…what news? i have yet to see any reputable news source confirm that ubisoft plans to have the main character of assassins creed 4 being female.

Where the heck is anyone getting this from?

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As a guy (a gay guy, but not a terrifically camp one) who has had a close circle of friends in High School (all of whom were girls, none of whom I really kept in touch with, all of whom I remember still and fondly)…

The idea that women can’t be gamers is bullshit and the mysogonistic idiotic hordes need to get their heads out of their asses for it. Three years ago I joined a Roleplay forum with a female character – the ONLY female character on that forum – and got the shit chewed out of me, and the reason I joined it was because a friend (who was also gay, one who I only knew online) asked me to. I was his arranged fiance, but instead of being the meek little girl EVERYONE expected me to be, I was a twin-blade wielding hardass bitch who castrated a man in combat. That was fun.

I still drifted out of it, because the friend stopped going and I didn’t really have a reason to go after that.

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Sorry, it’s not Assassin’s Creed 4, it’s actually still being called Assassin’s creed 3: Liberation, and her name is Aveline. She was featured in a recent Game Informer.

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everyone who says this doesn’t belong on this forums: she’s trying to contact people who play the same game as her… it doesn’t make sense to know people you don’t and never will do anything with…

this reminds me of when i was looking for schools i could possibly go to to become a computer programmer for my career report (just in 9th grade here) and i found this one:
13 men, 41 women… who said women couldn’t program things?

and no, i am not a girl but i see the idea of “girls can’t play games” as balony