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Originally posted by NightOwl_Pellets:

We have talked about limitations, particularly a cool-down timer for moving Starter Dungeons. Especially with the player concerns relating to the Starter abilities with this Update, it’s something we continue brainstorm on, for the best iteration. I’ll give you more details on any decisions made.

When you implemented starter teleportation for 99 DM, you SAID it had a 30 day cooldown timer. We tested it to say it did not. Dont act like that was a choice on your part. It was a bug a glitch, a mistake you dont know how to fix, nor care to rush, as you make more money that way.

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hmmm, hadn’t seen about being able to actually wipe inactives out by conquering all their dungeons, bravo… that might actually be worth me restarting my dead facebook account for. I think it would be great to just take inactive dungeons, abandon them and repeat. Think it would be great fun indeed!

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Month 2, Day 17: still no update