Event-Unite with Hellen's Trigger! (locked)

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Efficient and ruthless, she earned a reputation as a lethal adversary that will wait for the right moment to strike and then destroy her victim with only a few shots. Now allied with Sandora, she forms one deadly half of the “Wildfire” and strikes fear in the hearts of their enemies wherever they go.

Now you have the opportunity to add this precision expert to your command staff. Simply purchase enough Mall Points during the event to enlist this relentless and powerful commander!

Event Duration
0:00 Sept 28th – 23:59 Sept 30th (Server Time: GMT-5)

Event Content
1. During the event, any players that purchase 500+ Mall Points in a single sale will win a Legendary Hellen Commander Card.
2. Players that have never purchased Mall Points before and purchase 250+ MP in a single sale will also receive 40 Gift Pack = 400 Vouchers.

Legendary Hellen Commander: When attacking, there is a chance to instantly finish reloading weapons. Affected by the Accuracy and Electron attributes.
If her skill is triggered, all weapons with cooldown (such as Ship-Based weapons, with a cooldown of 4 rounds) that were fired from the current ship stack are reloaded and will be available for use on the next round.

1. Each account can only claim these rewards once. All rewards from this event are bound to the receiving player.
2. All Commander Cards awarded for this event will be delivered directly to winners’ mailboxes. Please make sure your mailbox has at least one free slot. Otherwise, you might not receive your well-earned rewards.
3. If you don’t receive your rewards after 3 business days, please contact the Galaxy Online II Support Center: http://livechat.igg.com/livesupport2/livesupport.php?gid=10142402

IGG and the developers of Galaxy Online II reserve the rights to final interpretation of this event, its rules, and rewards.