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What was wrong with this one? We had seperate tabs for every channel, it was very comfortable to use, nothing was clustered like it is now. So why it wasn’t implemented?

Right now everything is clustered into one window. Sure, you can turn off channels, but it’s not as user friendly – not to mention that as soon as you log in again all channels are active and you must deactivate them again.
Another really annoying thing is the amount of utterly useless information on the chat. So I really need to know that someone spent a truck of money to get 20 skill commanders in under 1 minute, of course each one message in a seperate line? Or that someone got a galaxy transfer from the unlucky rectangle? I don’t need that, no one does.

Please bring back tab system for chat from the original GO and let us actually choose if we do want to see those notices about commanders/lucky wheel/

It would also be nice if the term “fierce battle” was used to describe a real epic encounter (40 000+ ships) and not someone farming someone…

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I’m seconding the point about the pointless system updates clogging up the convo feed. Also, the fact that the text window jumps down whenever something posts makes it hard to read anything that isn’t currently in the frame of view

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I think there is a expand button so you know. So you don’t you get all clogged up all the time.