Gumball Event losses

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As many of us know, the Gumballs Event is designed so we build up the gumballs until we’ve either gathered the amount we need for what we want, or the event ends and we spend what we’ve got leftover.

Unless, of course, you happen to have your computer crash just before the event ends at 11:59, and aren’t able to get it to reconnect until a bit later. In that case, you’re screwed, apparently.

Every gumball you’ve gathered is now gone, cause you can’t access the event anymore for having “reloaded” the game.

Contact Live Chat? “Well the event has ended, so you can’t see it.”


Then Live Chat starts flashing “Live Chat is down right now”. Then I get a response. Then it flashes something else, and the Chat crashes. Now it can’t be accessed at all.

That’s it. I’m done with this game if they can’t fix such a SIMPLE FREAKING PROBLEM. FTP does not mean %@*$ The Players.

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Yup game crashed for me while trying ot do my last gumball attempts too.. Can’t load the game now.

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Regarding Gumballs Event,
Sorry to say that there happened to be something wrong with the Live Support and it becomes ok again after a fix.
For GO2 game, there was nothing abnormal found. We suggest that you use other browser to have a try.
For the Gumballs Event, when you win chance for theTurns Remaining, use it and change it to Gumball in due time.

If there is any problem, please contact to our Live Support.

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I’m really not sure what you’re saying there.

Are you saying the gumballs transfer from this event into the next time Gumballs comes around? Cause what I had left were gumballs, not “turns”. Approx 30 green, 15 blue, 10 red, 3 yellow (numbers are rounded, I can’t remember the exacts except for the yellows).

As to the browser, its not an issue with any browser. The issue is that the game’s code doesn’t care if we’ve still got gumballs for the event. The moment the webpage is reloaded, it changes all the details and removes the old event. The only way to avoid this is to never reload the webpage. That is lazy programming.

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understand also that gumballs you have left over after the event transfer to the next gumball event

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Had never seen it happen, hence why I was asking for clarification. Its not exactly clear when the Events vanish completely.

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Hi, Seasonfaclarity.
Yes, the gumball will be kept.

If your Approx 30 green, 15 blue, 10 red, 3 yellow are not kept in the next gumball event, please contact to our Live Support.

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Alright, thanks to you both. I had no idea there was any carry-over.