Preview of the New Legendary Commander, Medusa (locked)

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An advanced team of scouts was recently sent by the Galactic Federation to the EP-01 star system for routine reconnaissance. However, after 3 Earth-Months, the Federation has received nary a second of video footage from the scouts. 20 of the most elite fighter squads in the Federation were sent to EP-01 to locate the scouts. After another 2 long Earth-Months, what they discovered shook the Federation to its core. The scouts were found; frozen in stone with a look of terror and despair that sent chills down the spines of even the hardiest veterans…

Medusa: Has a chance to cause the enemy fleet to skip its next Round when Medusa is attacked. Affected by Dodge and Electron attributes.

Commander Appraisal:
Medusa’s ability is simple to understand. Like its Greek mythological namesake, Medusa can petrify any enemy who dares to challenge her. Medusa’ s Gorgon Gaze is triggered under the same circumstances as Bain’s ability. The difference is that the enemies Bain has weakened can still move and attack. Medusa can effectively disable entire fleets for a whole Round, which can make all the difference in a tight battle.

Medusa will really shine in crowded quarters where she can draw lots of enemy fire. So long as her fleet keeps flying, she can easily disable threats that might otherwise defeat you.

Sturdy ships with high survivability complements her Gorgon Gaze best and improving her Dodge and Electron attributes can help raise the chances of her petrifying any attacking enemy.
Send Medusa into battle and you can be sure to strike despair into the hearts of your enemies!