Preview of the New Divine Commander, Winter Knights (locked)

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Bart is a Legendary Commander well-known for his role as an “enabler”. He is famed throughout the Federation for his uncanny ability to anticipate his enemies’ next move and formulate winning strategies in the thick of a fight.

Other utility Commanders such as the support-expert Annata and master saboteur Leo can claim to have received the vaunted tutelage of Bart.

Bart’s ability to prevent his fleet from even being targeted in an attack in the next Round is a great skill to have, and gets even better when paired with another Commander in a Divine role. Utility Commanders who can give buffs to allies or debuffs to enemies generally contribute more to a battle the longer they stay in a fight, Bart’s ability ensures that such Commanders, when paired with him, can maximize their impact in a battle.

Another support Commander, Krina Klaus, has recently declared her wish to form a partnership with Bart, vowing to make it a cold day in hell before any enemy can breach their defenses.

Winter Knights: At the end of movement, there is a chance Winter Knights cannot be a target of enemy attacks and gain +15% Attack Power until end of the Round; also increases overall ship defense of allied fleets within 4 spaces by 10 until end of next Round. Affected by Accuracy and Dodge attributes. (Bart + Krina Klaus)

As covered in previous guides, Krina Klaus can help negate up to 23% of the damage taken in an enemy attack.

>>Damage Negation = Overall Ship Defense * 0.03/(Overall Ship Defense*0.03+1)
Example: A fleet with an Overall Ship Defense rating of 10 reduces the damage of an enemy’s attack by 23%.
10*0.03/(10*0.03+1) = 0.3/1.3 = 0.23 = 23%

This Divine Commander pairing is an extremely potent combination, making your fleets much tougher to destroy, all the while greatly increasing your opponent’s difficulty to take out the source of that protection.

When casting Gems for the Winter Knights, players can opt to use the same optimum build that Lurking Light (Bart + Annata) and Leech Lurkers (Bart+Leo) use, emphasizing on Dodge, Shield, and Structure.

The Winter Knights are the beacons of light for their allies in the blustering cold of dark space. Receive their Gift and become unstoppable in your march to victory!