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How about extra Training Point buy-able with Gems?
This is good for developers, and players who wants to master all 4 trainings.
maybe 1 training point=10 gem?

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About daily chests it could be also linked to activity, like u get free-to-open common chest, after 3 day-to-day log-ins uncommon chest and after 10 or so rare, and then restart. Or be it “daily-key”

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Great Game :)


*100 lvl maximum is too little… 200 lvl at maximum it will be ok

*There must be more items in this game

*More stages needed

*More training points and more abilities (skills to distribute training points) needed

*Better Samurai needed

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Hm.. I think it’d be nice to be able to navigate through the dungeon maps using the arrow keys, like left and right to switch between leagues and up and down to switch between dungeons, and enter to go in.

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I have some suggestions

Chefs Pots – Give the pots a charge attack, but make it a charge meter, e.g. – no charge makes sausage, medium charge makes ham, full charge makes bacon. This will make chef more fun.

Pets – we should be able to at least have settings for their behavior a pet bar will have buttons that affects how your pet behaves in a dungeon, Aggressive – seeks out enemies and attacks / Passive – does not attack enemies sticks close to owner useful in some situations especially if you dont want to open chests yet / Defensive – sticks close to owner and attacks those that get too near (best for rhino) / Supportive – attacks who the owner attacks (same target)

Crew Bonus – Should have some effect on the amount of coins you earn too. Soon as gamers max the level of their hero’s Crew bonus is meaningless…

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Chefs slowknife/cleaver – Gotta get a larger range or a further dash to make it a usefull weapon. It is currently so bad it’s unbelivable.

This is why:
Fast knife got a good dash forward making you hit several enemies aswell as positioning you closer after knockback. The dash also makes you push out or into packs so that you can reach the food. Chargeattack also creates great amounts of food.

Cleaver – have fun hitting everything while not really doing any food. ranged mobs can’t be hit as long as they run. melees with knockback just might take 1 hit before he shoves you away while laughing.

My example and testing on exactly how imbalanced theese 2 knifes are compared to eachother.
lvl 40 blue knife – 143 power 1foodie – killed the big CP mob before he attacks when charge attacking.
lvl 48 yellow cleaver – 575 power 3crit 3 beefy – unable to kill the big CP mob before he attacks and knocks me back when charge attacking.

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Would be nice to replace swords for ranger with sth else. For eg flying chihuahuas… imagine vicious beefy chihuahua of doom .