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Right now I’m lvl 28 mage, and as the game progressing, it is clear that to do solo dg I really need to run&dodge as my mage become easier to die (especially in boss fight or some sickin fire shooting statue bastards at felbridge or some freakin flying eyeball that sometimes hard to hit…), avoiding shoot is not always easy…
Now the question is, what is you suggestion for equipment attribute, like ability and enchanted rune…

Right now, I’m using:
-Vine strike (cause of the 1 or 2 seconds poison after effect)
-Ice nova (still looking for poison cloud with relic hunting rune)
-Meteor Channel (For 6seconds emitting meteor like shoot that do area damage)

-Lifethief (well, lifesucking skill)
-Dragonbane (chance to do 2x dmg)
-Dragonward (chance to avoid dmg)

I’ve seen some ppl with call guard ability, is it really worth it compared to meteor channel? Cause I can kill many mobs at once when it come to boss fight, but if I’m a little off at dodging/running, it is really easy to be dead (note:still I can make some dungeon 5stars at felbridge and mountain peak, the other 4-4,5 stars)

Can you tell me how much HP the guard have and is it affected by ability% gems? And how strong is it to tank damage from mobs the boss summoned? And if you insist on Call Guard ability, what other skill you have to cover the AoE skill?

If there’s anyone (Mage surely) with better tricks to do solo dungeon, please give some advice, thanks =D

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Lifethief is hands down the most useful ability I’ve found. With some +proc stones, it can really help. I use it with poison cloud to shoot in crowds, for two reasons. 1) it does full damage to every target, none of that damage reduction after the third target like other spells and 2) the lifesteal has a chance to proc on each target. When assailed by large crowds I take damage quickly, but I also regain life quickly.

As a finisher spell, I found the hail strike (again with lifethief) does wonders. High damage on up to 3 targets, and a good shot at regaining life. If I need something do die quickly to drop me some life, I’ll spam the fire-breath spell you find on staves: it has the best damage to cost ratio, and 2-3 bursts are usually enough for at least one mob to die and drop me a healing pack.

As far as difficulty, no dungeon is going to become harder or easier with your level: the difficulty is flat. By design. Only two factors change the difficulty: training, and socketing. Do both and you’ll quickly find yourself 5-starring most dungeons on the first try. Don’t hesitate to plaster most of your equipment with low-grade +health stones (green). Even +2% helps, if it’s +2% on each otherwise empty slot.

Finally, as tempting as it sounds to be doing dread dungeons as a level 10 (difficulty is flat, remember? There is no such thing as a high-level dungeon in this game!), don’t. They take much longer than regular ones and the rewards aren’t any better.

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Ace_Blue, legendary items can only be found in dread.

For mage equips I would suggest:

Vine Strike/Fire Blast
Ice Nova/Poison Cloud
Hail Storm(Run into the middle of the mob, cast this and watch them ALL get hit for decent damage! I’ve taken out groups of weak enemies with a single Hail Storm)

Lifethief priority, next is Dragonbane(so many damn dragons)
Get lots of +proc stones with lifethief and you will not have any trouble.

Mage is DPS, deal damage instead of running around. Learn to dodge enemy projectiles.

For solo dungeon, I prefer spamming my abilities. The only time I use my standard attacks is if there’s like one or two enemies with super low health(don’t need to waste mana) or when I’m waiting for my abilities to recharge. It blasts through the dungeon like nobody’s business. 5 minutes and the average Fellbridge dungeon is down like a 90 year old with a broken hip.