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This game really throws people for a loop.

The designers purposely made it vastly different than most other garden variety MMOS in terms of what it means to level up, gear progression, skills and everything else.

The first reaction most people have is to start flooding the chat with questions. And some of these questions would take like ten minutes worth of discussion to really answer.

So this is that ten minutes of discussion to get a nooblet er… new person. Up to speed on the basics.

I’m going to divide this into categories so it’s easy to use. the categories will be:

basics about display, character, and equipment stats.
charms, mines and gold
what class is best?
ok so… what should I do??

I might not do all of these tonight so I’ll reserve a few replies. I’ll try to keep this updated within reason once it’s finished and hopefully it can get stickied.

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Basics about display, character, and equipment stats.

The first thing people usually notice is that your level isn’t displayed anywhere. look at your display. See that tiny thin partially green line next to your health bulb and under your skills? Mouse over that. You’ll see your current level and how much exp you need to get to the next level. Took me 11 levels to figure that out.

So what about your strength and dexterity and whatnot? Doesn’t exist. your melee damage, ranged damage, hit points, defense and special attack damage are determined solely by your level and the base runes in your equipment. I’ll get to runes and equipment next don’t worry.

How do you see all that? click on the backpack at the upper left.

Ok, equipment…this is going to be weird at first but you’ll see it’s not that tough.

each piece of equipment has what I call a BASE RUNE. the base runes are WIZARDRY, PROTECTION, WARLORD, and BALANCED. All armor and weapons have one of these runes. Wizardry is for helping with ranged damage and magic spells, Warlord helps melee damage, Protection gives defense, and Balanced is, well… balanced!

Each piece of gear also has one or more secondary runes. These determine things like whether it gives you increased movement speed, helps you find items, helps you get more gold ect… later on some of these runes will help with multiple things.

A few item slots will also have a rune denoting a skill. at least in the beginning each class has three item slots that can have a skill which is then shown on the skillbar next to your health bulb.

Now here is another thing you need to pay CAREFUL attention to: Your gear (that you are currently wearing!) gets better as you level up.

In fact, between gear of the same grade (Magical, Rare, Legendary) if it has the same base rune, it gives the same base stats whether you found it in the starting area, or in the last quest of the game. If I find a sword with Warlord, and scavenging in act one, and another sword with Warlord, and scavenging in act 5…they will perform EXCATLY the same. rares give a bonus to stats and better secondary runes and legendary give better still. But it’ll be a while before you need to worry about those.

By the way, as of this time the runes an items gets are the runes it has period. you can’t add or remove them.

But there are these three empty slots under the runes…What are those for? Charms. And that’s the next post.

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Charms, mines, and gold

One of the first quests you’ll get is to clear a homestead of goblins. Do that.

Now anytime you click the little house icon, you’ll go to your house where there is a mine and a forge. VERY FIRST THING to do here is hire a worker from the foreman and get some crystals coming out of your mine. Get the best one. He’s worth it!

ok, now hopefully you’ve found some crafting items. if so, click on the forge. if not, come back to this later.

There is a list of all your crafting materials. The different color borders show which group they are from. diferent groups produce gems with different effects. Green is health, Purple is proc chance, ect… for a really good list of all that google dungeon blitz wiki.

The number at the top left of the crafting item is how many Points it’s worth. Pretty much the farther into the game you found the item, the more points it is worth up to like 25 or 26. So.. lets say I put into my forge a red-bordered wyrm tail with a value of 8 points. the forge shows that the gem i can create with it is a 1% to ability cracked ruby.

the number in the middle ball (8) is the total points I’ve put in so far. The small number to the left of it (1) is the number of points I need to make a 1% ruby. The number on the right (16) is the points I need to make the next higher 2% Ruby.

OK you are with me so far right? Great. I have another strength 8 Wyrm tail so I put that in and 8+8 = 16. good to go right?


This is where it gets a bit confusing. I get 8 points from the first one. But If I put in more of the same item each extra only gives me 1 more point! my testing shows this is the case until you’ve put 50 points into a single cell, which in this case would be my first which gave 8 points, and another 42 at one point each. 50 seems to be the cap for a cell. But there are three open cells right now. so what if I put a different 8 point item in another cell?

Lets see… I have an 8 point green border magic seedling, lets try that. Sure enough, now I have 16 points and can make my 2% ruby. the number to the right of the bulb now says 41 meaning to get to 3% I need to get 41 points total. and no, made no difference that the other item wasn’t red. however if I put more total points of green into the mix than red, it will change to a health gem.

and of course there is a cost in crystals as well which is why we want to get to mining them. Eventually we will be able to craft 10% effect gems and put three of those in every piece of our gear. that’s gonna take a lot of crystals.

Also making gems gives you ‘gem exp’ so you can level up your crafting. Every ten levels opens up a new cell, allowing you to make even more powerful gems.

That’s about all there is to it! Now as to gold…

Gold is great for getting abilities at the trainer. I may not have mentioned it, but as you gain levels not only does your gear improve, but the dungeons get harder to match. so you do that level 1 first dungeon with a level 50, its going to take just as long and be just as tough. So how do you get ahead???

two things basically:

trainer skills, and charms. If you trained up 5% damage to a monster type and 5% more damage with your weapon type and 5% less damage from that monster type, you’ll be a lot more effective than when you fought at level 1 without all those advantages. you add in like 30% or so more health from gems and yes, at level 50 you should rock the place a lot harder than you did at level 1.

So mostly that’s what the gold should be used/saved for. Trainer skills. Most of the equipment sold by vendors is trash, and you find better stuff. Not to mention it’s expensive trash, the price going up as you get to higher level areas even though the effectiveness of the gear is the same as it was at level 1.

It’s not a bad thing to run some + to gold find once you have some gear you like. But mostly just level up and you make more.

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What class is best?

Right now the Paladin. It heals, does great single target and area damage, has buffs and debuffs… really has it all.

Mages are good too but require some skill to play well. Rogues are currently the worst, but seeing as they are by far the most popular class I’m sure they will get a boost at some point. Just roll a rogue. You know you’re gonna do it anyway! You can always make a paladin later there are plenty of character slots. (just refresh the browser to get to the screen for making new chars)

Next question?

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Ok, so… What should I do???

Well, right now as a new character you don’t have access to the best skills, and you aren’t optimized for combat. That’s because you have no gear. So getting gear is very important. That means getting as much find item boosts as you can. as you progress through the quests you will get a piece of magic gear every time you kill a dungeon boss for the first time. so getting through the quest chain is a great way to start.

If you are a paladin or rogue I recommend Warlord gear with relic hunting in as many slots as you can manage and maybe even craft some low level item find gems as you level up your crafting and slot those in as well.

As soon as you get around level 20 or so people are going to start wanting you to do DREAD dungeons. I think its a bad idea myself. People think since the gear and dungeons get better with your level that leveling is pointless. Ha! You get more gold, can farm monsters outside dungeons (for crafting mats mostly) and I’m told get more crystals from the mine from getting higher level. I make about ten times as much gold per dungeon now as I did at level 10 (level 38 now) and I’m mostly running dungeons in normal mode for quick exp and a lot of crafting drops as well as quick gold which is needed in huge amounts later.

So yeah, dread mode is just the same thing you’ve done only made ten times harder and takes ten times as long to do anything. My plan now is to wait till level 50 and i’ve gotten most of the gems I plan to use crafted (level 6 ones until I get my final legendary pieces that will get 10s) then head back to DREAD and just own it.

But you can’t go wrong leveling up following the initial quest chain.

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This is a great guide on the basics! I hope the new players bother to read it =p

I can vouch that all the information is true, although I won’t venture an oppinion on the best class. It totally depends on how you play. Leveling up DOES have benefits.

I do have one question, though. Most of the charms you can make are fairly self-explanatary, but what is Proc %? Processsion? Pro-Critical? I have no idea. XD

You also left out the skills you can train from the Trainers. They are scattered around, and have a variety of skills available to train, which are basically small bonuses to various things. They cost gold.

One of the most confusing things for me was that sometimes the road split—one path up, one path down. You can use either S or W (WSAD keys) to choose the upper or lower path. They’re everywhere. I’ve also noticed that, as a general rule of thump, if you are in a dungeon and the path splits, down and right is towards the boss, up and right is a bonus room. The exceptions to this are paths on the left, and hidden paths below the main one. This might change on the Dread dungeons, but it seems to hold true for the beginning-ish ones.

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Good points all.

My intention was to give a new person the basic things they would have figured out in a day or two anyhow. I realize it isn’t exhaustive, but I think most of the questions people ask that would just take too long to explain over chat are covered.

That said, if people like you keep adding things as you’ve done here this thread will only get better and more useful.

There is a lot of discussion of proc chance on the forums at the game’s home site. You can go there from inside the game. I’ll tell you what I know from reading there:

the proc is the chance of an ability like life-thief or chance to do extra damage to ghosts to happen. The forum said most abilities start with a proc of something like 30%

Gems that raise proc chance of an ability only work on that armor or weapon you put them in.

If you put a 10% proc chance gem into gear that has a base proc chance of 30% , the chance goes to 33% (adds 10% of the base chance) not 40% like we might expect and hope.

Needless to say, most people are less than impressed with proc chance gems.

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I think the one thing newbies don’t know how to do is use their skills effectively.

When I first started out in Dungeon Blitz I died at The Grey Entrance quest because I didn’t use my skills at all. However, when I went for a re-try I used my skills frequently and pwnd Nephit’s grey ass.

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OK, I’m a bit confused by some of the things Ace said..
The whole “the base stats of weapons is the same” thing – if that is so, which it seems to be, of what use are the weapons you find in later areas when they’re just as good as the ones you found before? Just for the different runes?
If the equipment I use levels with me, where do I see that level? The stats don’t seem to change. In the help for the mines, the game tells me I can enhance weapons with that ore by clicking on an enhance button, which causes the weapon to level up. I haven’t found such a button.. Are charms meant with that?

Oh and.. The magic attack stat, is that all ranged attacks or just skills you use?

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Magic attack refers to all ranged attacks, I think.

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Here Are MY Success Tips To Go Along With Ace:
1) As mentioned, Paladins are good, as soon as you get to “Black Rose Mire” go walk allllll the way to the right to the other town as a 2nd vendor, and save up some gold to buy the “Commander” plate. It will make you heal over an amount of time.
2) When you’re:
Mage: Make the little staff/magic stat for your weapons high.
Rogue: Balance between the staff/magic and sword/melee stats for your weapons, some of your abilities will be via close range, but you still want to deal damage from afar.
Paladin: Make the sword/melee high stat, because you can eat TONS of damage, but still need to deal damage.
3) Look for those things like “Hut Monster” and “Boneyard Monsters” and farm gold there.
4) I recommend anything related to HP, damage, or gold/item pickup to be trained first.
5) The best way to survive is to make a party to take down big dungeons at low levels, beware though, parties fall apart veeery easily.
6) Here are the basic overun of the people you use.
Mage: High damage output, not so good health.
Rogue: Useless as HECK. Wait for an update.
Paladin: OK Damage output, AWESOME HEALTH.
That’s all folks!

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1)Good tip. I don’t use vendors often, because most of what they’re selling is about as good as the stuff you find in dungeons anyway. The Commander plate sounds useful.

2)This is mostly common sense…

3)Farm gold by running dungeons. I like Svar’s Spite cause it has lots of weak monsters.

4)Damage should be trained first. I have a 5% magic damage increase I got from the trainer at Wolf’s End, I think.

5)No. The best way to survive is to not fight monsters.

6)Rogue is for running and stealth. Hit and runs.

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lol didnt read. This is to huge for a normal players attention span.

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great guide ever …. just a noob question, how to go to dread?better rare n legandary stuff?

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go to felbridge and enter the portal to the right

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i’m beginner, i dont know how to empty my backpack. It’s not full now, but i just wonder how can i do it, for future. sorry about my words and gramma.

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You cannot.