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(If you’re making a FAQ, this should help. Maybe sticky this?)

I hear people ask “what is Forestbane/ Demonbane useful with?” often enough, so I did a little data-mining and came up with a chart. Yeah, some monsters show up in more than one Type – that’s not because they are both, but there are some that are one type, and some that are another (ie. Infernal Wisps in the Glades, and Undead Wisps in the Cemetary).

By Type

Draconic: Dragon, Human, Lizard, Raptor, Wyrm
Infernal: Abomination, Construct, Demon, Dread, Human, Imp, Mummy, Psychophage, RockHulk, Wisp
Mythic: Giant, Griffon, Human, Imperial, Kraken, Lion, Minotaur, Wolf
Object: Object, Vigil
Sylvan: Devourer, Dryad, Psychophage, Scarab, Spider, Treant
Trog: Cyclops, Gnome, Goblin, Human, Imp
Undead: Ghost, Mummy, Skeleton, Spirit, Wisp

By Location


Draconic: Dragon
Infernal: Demon, Dread
Undead: Ghost, Spirit, (all the dream monsters)


Draconic: Dragon
Infernal: Demon, Psychophage
Mythic: Wolf
Undead: Ghost, Mummy, Skeleton, Wisp


Infernal: Abomination, Human, RockHulk
Mythic: Griffon, Human
Sylvan: Spider
Trog: Imp
Undead: Ghost


Draconic: Dragon, Human, Raptor
Infernal: Wisp
Mythic: Minotaur
Sylvan: Devourer, Dryad, Spider


Draconic: Dragon, Lizard
Infernal: RockHulk
Mythic: Griffon, Lion
Sylvan: Psychophage, Spider
Trog: Cyclops, Gnome, Goblin, Human
Undead: Ghost, Mummy


Draconic: Dragon
Infernal: Demon, Psychophage
Mythic: Kraken
Trog: Goblin
Undead: Ghost, Skeleton


Draconic: Human, Raptor, Wyrm
Infernal: Construct, Demon, Imp, Mummy
Mythic: Giant, Human, Minotaur
Object: Object, Vigil
Sylvan: Scarab, Spider
Trog: Gnome
Undead: Mummy, Wisp


Draconic: Dragon, Lizard, Wyrm
Infernal: Psychophage
Sylvan: Devourer, Spider, Treant
Undead: Skeleton


Draconic: Dragon
Infernal: Demon, Imp
Mythic: Human, Imperial
Trog: Goblin
Undead: Ghost, Skeleton

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I love you. Thank you so much for making this, this should get a sticky or be apart of a sticky.

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Uh… how’d you get info on Valhaven?
And what is RiverRoad?

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Awesome, i was looking for that for so long )) tyvm
Would be nice to have some pictures as well, cause some people might have no clue what some are lol
Maybe on wiki or something and leave link here

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dude on cemetery there jackals not wolves

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Here is the database for all DB gears

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Originally posted by warriordkl:

Here is the database for all DB gears

Is this down? Looks down. Sounds useful….

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This thread is officially down as the game has had a recent major update. The update has updated banes and has added resistances. This thread is not reliable.

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hey dude wolfs end is not river road

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ummmm i dont think its wolf’s end because it was passed and not on the right position .

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Yes xDDD