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1. Please get rid of “You’ve run out of potions” popup.
It hinders the gameplay quiet a bit.

2. Please lower the price of dyes.
Because it’s cosmetic, having it cost $ is fine, but the prices are WAY too high.

3. Please post a database of item rune stats/drop locations/crafting/ material information.
I have seen people waste hours of time because they don’t know where to get a certain item.

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1. +1
2. don’t care
3. +1

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1. LOL at potions

2. LOL at dyes

3. Coming Soon™

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1. Have a button where you can switch characters in game.
2. Have a pause button that signals to your party you are away from the computer and freezes character.
3. Have a monster descriptive sheet which defines who is what.

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Am I the only one or does this game feel like it is all about the grinding? I like the game and the game play very much but i find the post game is just to darn, how to put this, gooey. I mean for one the forge is just close to impossible to upgrade all the way unless i spent for ever harvesting Dragon ore and farm mats for the next year or so.
In regard to this i have two solutions which would not make the game to easy. One you could easily cut the lvl boundaries in half in the forge and still have people spent a lot of time on upgrading it. It just doesn’t feel right that one can finish the game and just barely started to upgrade the forge. The second option would be to increase mat value in dread. It kind of feels weired that the game gets harder but the mat values drop all of a sudden (desert to felbridge).

I like that there is so much gear so you’re able to individualize your char but the menu itself is not very effective to search through let alone compare gear. Sort function is badly needed for example sort by skill/rune very effective for people you are set on a certain skill/rune and just want to look at all the other ones with the same ability.

I have no problem with farming for gear but in my opinion it would be a lot better if you could see the stats and runes of all the items (regardless whether you found them or not). This would help a lot becaus otherwise you have to rely on charts and find other people you already found a certain item to remember where exactly did it drop.

So all in all great game but it needs to be more balanced and the post game should not be about grinding for a year…